Thursday, 4 September 2008

i'm missing ballet badly~

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hey everyone~
these few days
my that level for the missing of ballet is coming back again.
and this time,
it's even stronger.

i really miss ballet alot,
and i'm really starting to regret giving it up more than 6 years ago.

i'm missing it so badly,
that i kinda realised that
i actually miss ballet
more than i miss rugby.

i really want to learn ballet,
dance ballet again...
but sadly,
right now,
i cant afford it.

and if i were to learn it again in the future,
i'm afraid that it would really be too late.
cause even right now i were to learn ballet once again,
it is already kinda late for me.


how i hope i can actually get the money
falling down from the sky
just to let me learn ballet again.

but i know,
that is impossible.
money wont just come falling down the sky.

and i'm serious.
so hey everyone!
help me earn some money~
maybe i would be able to earn enough for the next semester before lessons starts
and also enough for me to get myself new ballet shoes.
i kinda out grown them even when i was having my ballet lessons then.
i did not get new shoes
as i was supposingly changing to pointe shoes like weeks later only.

*that's one more sad thing to add on*


i wanna learn ballet again!!!
would anyone help me?!
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