Sunday, 15 March 2009

wire-less weekend

hey there everyone! well, i'm blogging with my phone again, my i780 which i've gotten bacl from Dann as my new allocated office site allows cameras/camera phones. so that means that I can use this phone again.

I am currently in front of my switched on lappy but I can't use it to blog as my modem if spoilt and that tempory modem that my sis's boyfriend put here does not support wireless. hai... it's like REALLY the weekend and I don't get to use my lappy to go online and do my stuff freely on lappy in the comfort of my room.

roar~ STUPID SINGEL MODEM!!! it is NOT the first time it is spolit already yeh... it's like getting spolit or at least have some problem here or there every around 5 months? argh~ maybe it's time to switch to starhub cable internet instead since my singnet plan is already up! hmm... shall discuss with my mom one day soon!!! haha...

ok. that's gonna be all for now. I shall spend my weekend editing photos or something for my blog posts ba!

have a good night everyone! (*^-^*)

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