Friday, 20 March 2009

Rated 18+: Disturbing Scene

I'm finally staying at home for good after the whole evening going in and out of my house after work. I first came home after work after getting some stuff at the Watons near my house, on my lappy and got ready for dinner. Then Dann called and asked me to help him get some stuff which is only available at a certain shop at the interchange near my house. So after I showered, I went out getting his stuff and a VS travel size shampoo. Then go home, go out meet Dann and finally back home again now.

On my way back home after buying Dann's stuff, which is the second time I came home today, I saw a very disturbing scene.

I was just walking home like I always do, taking the same old road where I saw a lorry with it's lamp switched on. I mean the lights that's inside the lorry at the passenger and driver area. So as I was attached by the lights coming out of no where (which usually isn't there), I looked up. Oh man~ I regret looking up!

There was 2 people in the lorry, one auntie and one old man whose hair is already white. So what's the BIG deal? Well... The auntie's head was at the old man's *ahem* private part area and the old man was looking at the auntie. The sight was seriously disturbing. The first thing that came to my mind was like, "OH MY GOODNESS!!! SH*T I just saw public BJ!!! OH MAN~ WANNA DO GO HOME or at least GET A PROPER ROOM!!!"

On a second thought, I thought that the auntie may just be seacrhing for something that she has dropped or something. BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!! Who on earth would search for things with their arms up!? The old man was actually holding on to both the auntie's hands so that seriously can't be possible that the auntie was "searching for something" isn't it?!


Seriously, you always find people say what people found doing xxx in public places and I thought people would at least do at a more enclose area or something. THIS LORRY THINGY IS JUST TOO MUCH!!! HORRIBLE!!! The lorry was JUST BESIDE THE WALKWAY!!! *puke somemore*

Now who's gonna say that youngsters are the ones doing this kind of impulsive moves? OLD MAN AND OLD AUNTIE DO IT TOO!!!

Should seriously sue them or something!

I seriously feel that I'm gonna have sore-eyes very soon sia~
Oh My Goodness!!!

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