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Y.E.S.93.3FM 大嘴巴[王元口力口] 音乐PARTY


OK. I copied all my photos from my lappy to my thumbdrive to update in office! wahahaha... And here it is!

Well, I've started my attachment (if you haven't realise) ever sinced last Monday. Things are more or less settled down after all the shifting from one building site from Ang Mo Kio to the current one at Serangoon North. From working in a showroom till now I finally have my proper desk at this Serangoon site. Well, I am happy that we actually got "transfered" here as it isn't as strict and stuff as compared to the Ang Mo Kio site. We are allowed to bring cameras in so that's why I have that photo of me at work above and coming up below.

So how is attachment till now? Well... I would say slack? It's like Final Year Project for me only that I am not doing my project in school but in the office of a company. My partner Branden and I are seriously taking things slowly. hahaha...

After breakfast at my desk

Last Tuesday, 10 March 2009.
Dann went out with Fidelis that day and I asked Dann to help me pass the wooden box I got for her from Shen Zhen. Dann was like telling me how heavy the case is after I met him after work. Fidel actually wanted to go shopping with me which we had planned to ever sinced last month but sadly I am having my attachment and am not able to go shopping with her on Tuesday.

Weekdays = Jail days in office.

Click here to go to Fidelis's blog

Fidel gave me some stuff and see! The Ettusais Acne Aqua Shooter! wahahaha... And the Majolica liquid foundation is like sooooo cuuuuute lah! hahaha... So sweet of her~ Seriously wonder when are we going out sia~ lol. And once of them is a lip balm that's like one of Fidel's favourite lip balm! haha... I just so happen to read ths old of hers here.

And on the same day, I received the earrings that I bought online together with Jessica!

Total of 4 earrings received but one of them is a wrong item. Hai... Still havent got time to send that pair of earrings back to the spreer. Stupid internet at home!

Here's my wearing the flower earring! Pretty right?

Last Saturday, 14 March 2009.

It was Y.E.S.93.3FM 大嘴巴[王元口力口] 音乐PARTY's day!

Makeup for the day!

I love new hair extensions! The texture is like even better than my own hair lah~! WTH.

And ready? Go!

I met Dann first where we first went to cityhall, Suntec City for the IT fair as Dann wanted to take a look at the Fujitsu laptop. Oh my goodness lah~ SOoooooooooo many people lor~ And some adults are just *sigh*. I seriously do not know if they are brainless? Or Kiasu? Or what? Like... can't you just let/ask my child to walk instead of pushing the stroller at the IT fair? Super inconsiderate lor~! I also trip and fall lah~!

After IT fair, Dann and I went shopping for heels as I seriously couldn't stand literally on my heels anymore! I seriously think that I am not suitable to buy Pretty Fit's heels. I can stand, walk in the exact height of heel's shoe for a whole day(or at least half) before I felt that lelev of pain on my feet! My Mondo heels doesn't hurt me THAT much~!

So in the end we went to Charles and Keith near Citylink and I ended up getting 2 pairs of heels which I loaned money from Dann to get them. =p

So it was Hello my Charles and Keith Maryjanes

*I changed to the black pair immediately and felt sooooooo much better!*

And Bye Bye Pretty Fit

OK. I'm gonna retire my Pretty fit heels as I seriously think that it just doesn't suit my feet. If anyone's interested in that pair of heels, I seriously don't mind selling it off at super low price.

I wore it for about 5 times. 3 times for presentation only and the other 2 times awhile when I go out cause I couldn't bear the pain and always ended up buying another pair of shoes.

It's a size 36. (Fits size 5 too if I'm not wrong)
Condition: 7/10
Heel height: about 2.5 - 3 inch
Actual retail price: $69.90. (If I didn't remember wrongly)
If interested, please email me at
Thank you!

So after getting my heels, we made our way to Harbour Front where we had lunch at Carl's Jr after shopping at FOS, before making our way to St. James for the Music Party.

On the ticket, it states that the doors will be opened at 4.30pm and the party is supposed to start at 5pm. We reached there almost 5pm and this was how it was like outside Powerhouse.

From a 1.60m's view:

From a 1.83m's view:

Zooming in:

And here we are waiting in get in:

See what see lah~ the women behind...

hahaha... They stopped looking.

And we spotted this person:


OK. A random shot as Dann was taking photos of the buildings there.

Seriously, this time the management for this Da Mouth's Music Party is abit disorganize. Or maybe it's just the person trying to ensure that everyone was queuing at the correct queue which ended up making people queue wrongly as her English has some seriously problem. OK. Maybe if you were to direct translate everything she said, all the directions/instructions she gave, you will get it right.

And after all the misunderstanding and queueing, we got in!

The stage

The crowd

Inside Powerhouse

Camwhoring before the start of the Music Party

OK. Dann was playing with my camera in there trying to capture some shots and see what he can do with my simple camera. Just then, one guy walked passed us, appearing to be squeezing his way through WHEN THERE SERIOUSLY HAS PLENTY OF SPACE IN FRONT OF US FOR SOMEONE HIS SIZE. The guy got closer to Dann as he walked by when there was a girl standing beside Dann, too. Dann gave him a little push as to avoid getting his New WHITE Jordans stepped on. The guy did not turn to look back or say anything at all. The guy then walked to his friends and talked to them alittle. Dann then continued to play with the camera while I just admire the decor around. As the guy was walking back, well, he did not walk closely to Dann this time but THAT FREAKING PERVERT BRUSHED HIS WHOLE FIST ACROSS CHEST!!!! BLOODY FREAKING HELL!!! I'm so not hiding my emotions for now in the post. Hell Hell Hell! I immediately told Dann and Dann actually wanted to take the guy out. But I didn't want him to do that. *ahem*

So Dann gave me 3 choices:
2. Dann take the guy our himself (hmm.... )
3. Tell the bouncer. (I chose this)

So the bouncer asked us out and questioned the guy if he did that.

He denied.

BLOODY FREAKING HELL! Dann was boiling already lor~

The guy just said that he was just making way through the crowd. RUBBISH! Dann was super duper uper angry that he replied with a question (with action) asking him if that "if that's the case then means I can like that! to make way" lah! (He swing his elbow across the guy's face when he said "like that") The guy and even the bouncers were shocked when Dann did that. The guy carried on to say things to protect himself and saythat it was Dann who pushed him first. Dann said that he didn't push him. Seriously lah... that WASN'T really a push Dann gave lor~

The guy just seriously didn't know what he got himself into. After saying that Dann pushed him first, Dann was like "if you think that I pushed you why didn't you confronted me instead?! Why did you take it out on a girl?!" Dann then when on questioning the guy that doesn't "know how to open your mouth and say 'excuse me'" if it was crowded and things like why "your parents gave you a mouth, God gave you a mouth". Dann kept questioning the guy asking if he have "been the army before? Sergant never teach you is it?" And also if he have "never been a club before is it?" as he got SO worked up by that little puch Dann gave him which like I said, REALLY ISN'T A REAL PUSH!!!

All the bouncer did through out the time was just to stand aside, keep his mouth shut and kept shaking his head. The bouncer must be thinking "this man chose the wrong person to mess with".

In the end, I decided to let the matter rest as I didn't want to make it a police case and spoil my whole day that was supposed to be enjoyable~! And sinced tht guy apologised (unsincerly) and to think that his day had just turned into a nightmare, the matter should just end there. The bouncer continued to talk to guy when Dann and I made our way back into the club.

Back in the club, I was trying to do some stuff to keep my mind out of that stupid incident. ROAR~ STUPID IDIOT PERVERT 宅男!!!!

Playing with the Da Mouth's fan that was given in the Singtel goodie bag.

I did a very stupid thing with the fans on Dann BUT I shall ot post the photo up. It's just freaking stupid and silly. lol.

The fans~

And soon, the party started!!! (at around 5.45pm?)

Presenting 大嘴巴 Da Mouth!!!


Jap mixed Chinese DJ 板本宗華

One quarter Korean, 張懷秋

Half ABC 薛仕凌

and we all know, Japanese 千田愛紗 from Sunday Girls!!!

Just look at 仕凌's face!

Games time!

One of the chosen contestant

And look who is this!

That crazy idol siao girl that's one of Jaeson's crazy fan~~~

Just SEE how BIG 愛紗's eye are!!!

I know this photo is blurred but I still wanna post it up! lol

Situation here: 懷秋 wanted to help the contestant put on the belt but he doesn't know how to use it. So he asked 愛紗 for help

Arh~~~ 愛紗 is like SOOOOOO PRETTY LAH!!!

Sing sing sing...

Wave wave hand...

Thank you everyone!!! Jya ne~ Bye bye!!!

End of Da Mouth's Music Party.

Overall I had a great time the whole day but just erase that part where that stupid incident happened.


And as you can see, every single photo that has Da Mouth in it are all embossed with my blog's address. This goes to show how bored I am without internet at home as i usually don't even borther putting credits on my photos or even if I do, I would just paste the text on and that's it. I so wouldn't go and spend me time masking the text, copy the image, emboss the text image, all these stuff on top of editing the photos! hahaha...

And please, if you are gonna reuse/link these photos, do credit them although I know that there is already my blog address on them. Thank you~!

OK. That's be all for now!
Have a good day everyone!

*Time for lunch again!!!*

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