Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pretty Pretty

This is gonna be quite a camwhore post. So please bear with me a little.

Ok. I'm gonna start my post with my sister once told me that everything about me is fake. When I dress up, I have fake eyelashes, fake big eyes (as I've been wearing the Alluring Eyes Contact Lens Sponsored by Cozycot last month), fake hair. But oh there's one thing that I will not fake, and I'm very happy being just a B.

So here's a photo of me in my normal basic makeup and with fake eyelashes and extensions on (I was already wearing my alluring eyes contact lens)

As you can see, the left side is just me with my normal makeup and the right side has all the extra stuff on.

Sherman once told me during work that I look like a Japanese on my blog and look "like that" during work. He asked me why? Ok Sherman, does this answers your question? hahaha...

I told him that makeup does make a difference and yes. I blogged before that I ain't good at makeup and somehow suck at it but I still know a bit. PLUS, people have been thinking that I'm either mixed Jap or even just simply a Jap ever sinced I was like 7? So what's new?

One main thing to look even more Jap, bigger eyes, and great eyelahes!
(Or at least this is what I think)

I met Dann for dinner today during his break and I dressed up nicely as he asked me to "wear nice nice".

I tried using my new eyelash glue today (ya. I bought another one like a few days ago only after getting another one few weeks ago) and I finally understood the difference between a good and lousy eyelash glue. It seriously sticks on sooo well that I actually had to spend like 5 mins to remove each side of the lashes!

Anyway, we had pasta today at Takashimaya's basement and as Dann was tired and falling asleep due to his medicine, Dann took some rest while waiting for our food *oh that poor boy~* and I played with my 白いちゃん AKA my camera.

and the food was here...

My creamy Japanese Baby Hotate Lingueni

Dann's creammy Bacon and Ham Lingueni

yum yum~~~

After dinner, after Dann went back to work, I went shopping for my facial wash and I was actually deciding between ZA or Ettusais. Well.... I ended up deciding on Ettusais. =p

and TADA!!! All my stuff from Ettusais!!!

I got the tote bag free as I spent quite a amount and was able to get it. I initially thought that I would spend quite little and getting only the bag clip. Meow~ I'm like still deciding should I get the lip essence or not. Hmm...

These are the stuff I bought and some samples that lady at the counter gave me.

I went to the Isetan Scotts counter today. Though Shiya wasnt there, the lady serving me was very helpful and kind too. Hai... didnt get her name. Meow~ She's also very pretty! hahaha... The lady looks abit like Shiya too~

Anyway... back to what I've got.

Medicated Acne Gentle Wash and Soap Case

Medicated Acne Skin Version Up

Limited Edition Sweet Marble Cheek Color

I got the ONE that's right at the bottom.
YES! ONE only! Not three!

After all these shopping, I went home straight instead of going to Tangs to take a look at MAC at their Hello Kitty Collection which I intended to initially.

Happy Happy Trix.

And right here I wanna say something to my dear Twin, Li Jin.

Sorry for calling you crazy when you spent $100 over on skin care products at ORIGINS. I've just joined in the "crazy" gang too.

So here's me with my Ettusais products!

My limited edition blusher

My cleanser

My soap case for the cleanser

And my so-called toner

Here's more information for the Medicated Acne Skin Version Up

Before you decide to slap on any of the good stuff, prime your skin with this.

How it Works:
Soften your skin's surface layer, with this softener. It will penetrate rapidly into the skin after washing your face, optimizing your skin's natural moisture absorption strength so that it absorbs all the goodness of your moisturizer. Prevents pimples as it keeps the skin dewy fresh.

Got it?

And here's the samples the lady at the counter gave me.

Well, I think I'll get their Medicated Acne Aqua Shooter (Moisturizing) when I've finished using my Loreal Hydrating Gel.

And like I said, I got a Ettusais tote bag!




My very first Ettusais products bought from a Ettusais counter at original price. lol. (I got all my Ettusais and Shiseido stuff from the Ettusais sales the other time.)

And also I got to join Ettusais's member.

My member card.

For every $10 spent (after joing the member) you get 1 stamp. So go count for yourself at least how much did I spend.

I spent ALOT I know.
And I went on to camwhore

My pretty flashies staying securely!

Having fun with my new phone

And after camwhoring, I cleaned off my makeup and washed my face with my new Ettusais cleansing soap. I would say it's like not bad. It feels like you didnt wash your face with any chemicals but still achieve getting your face cleaned and washed. Followed by acne skin version up. Ok. Not bad like how I feel when I tried it during the makeover the other time which is also another reason why I bought it.

After these, I went on to try the eye mask I bought from Watsons in Shen Zhen.

It's like soooo cute in heart shape and has a light scent of apple.

Then I followed on by doing my normal face mask which I will always put on my feet after that 15mins of it being on my face.

Heehee... I guess that's the reason why the top of my feet looks not too bad even though I dont really take great care of them.

OK. That's all for now.

Dont forget to click on my Nokia Nuffnang Advertisement at the top of my posts before leaving.

Have a good night everyone!
Sweet Dreams!

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  1. hey there how does the ettusais works on you??? i wanted to get but i nv try before...



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