Saturday, 7 March 2009

adult only?

yoyo everyone! this is my very post blogged with my samsung i780.
things are so weird on the train. ok. maybe not that weird.
first when I got up the train I saw on the news paper of the person sitting right infront of me with the headlines about a guy customer asking for extra 'special' service at a ktv.
next a couple came in the train and stood right next to me (i'm seated at the 2 person sit by the glass) and they are like touching touching... the gril first touched the guy's back then the guy changed a position to hug her. and then the girl touches the guy's butt, reaches into his pockets... *yuck* seriously lah... please help all other people around you, GET A ROOM!!!
and next the guy sitted beside me (alighted already) called his friend and say his other friend's girlfriend has STD and he was like telling his friend on the phone that he feel like dying.

seriously... what on earth is this world coming to?

what could be the greatest cause?

I really wanna know.

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