Thursday, 26 March 2009


Back into neoprint craze, I've been taking quite a number of neoprints whenever I'm out with Gerry around (I kinda noticed that).

Remember that post I've posted some time back on that day where JMD 06 batch went out together? Click here to go to original post. Well.. I've finally gotten the scans from Gerry and here that are!
(Please bear with the low resolution for awhile. Will edit when I get the neos back from Gerry, I think)

From machine number 2

From machine number 3

From machine number 4

I haven't receive that neo scans from Gerry for the first neo we took that day. So ya. Will edit this post with updated photos. =P

And a few Saturdays back, GST spent a day out with Wendy!!! And yup! We took neoprints too~!

oh~ I love my hair that day! Suuuuuuper Good Hair Day Sia~!

OK. I have not blogged about that day cause I left my Shiroii-Chan AKA my camera at home and have nothing much to blog about since I don't get to see Sok Hiang online and am not able to get the few photos taken that day from her. In short, it was supposed to be a ice cream day but ended up only Wendy and I eating. And the joke of the day was "Bloody Orange". OK. Inside joke. Wahahahaha...

And also I got to take the neo from Wendy that we took quite a long time ago and she has not been able to scan them till now (or rather till she pass them to me). And here they are!

That night I also had supper with Dann and when I was waiting for him outside Takashimaya, I was approached by a guy for the Toni & Guy Hair show as model. Ya.. I've mentioned about that hair show already and it is this Saturday!!! I'm gonna be a fairy with Jess!!! Yup! i asked her along too~ heehee... Soooooo looking forward to it!

Ok. that's all for now.

Shall blog about the photo trip Jess and I has last Sunday, shopping at Expo last Saturday and my short holiday trip soon when I'm free and am able to upload the photos.

And one last thing here, regarding my shopping at Shen Zhen during my holidays, I wanna say this once again as people keep asking me, telling me, assuming that i bought a fake LV bag FOR MYSELF! And it is again and for the last time! I DID NOT BUY THAT FAKE LV BAG!!! AND IT'S FREAKING NOT MINE! I DO NOT USE FAKE!(unless I myself don't even know in the first place) SO STOP BUGGING AND TELLING ME TO BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THAT BAG, TELLING ME IT'S WRONG TO BUY FAKE AND ON AND ON AND ON!

I will NOT entertain anymore of such nonsense just because

Enough said.

Have a nice day everyone!!!

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