Monday, 30 March 2009


On the previous Saturday, 21 March, my batch people went shopping together at Robinson's sales at Expo.

I was totally excited of getting my either Nine West of Guess heels.


We were supposed to all dress up nice nice and go shopping together BUT Gerry forgot to tell the rest!!! ARGH~! Then me alone wear nice nice~ Meow~ Though ya lah... That's like so usual and what happens normally whenever we go out too... BUT! haiz...

So we met up in the morning around 10am first for Mac breakfast in school. We got our food packed and made our way to Blk E to watch our dear juniors practise for their upcoming club crawl performance.

Synchro huh?

And as usual, our lovely xiao di (little brother) Lue Song is late, late for around 30mins as usual... haiz... So by the time he arrived, we have all already finished our breakfast and just sat there waiting for him to finish his breakfast before we could leave for Expo.

i don't know why but our xiao di was super uncle-ish that day so I kept calling him Uncle Xiao Di! hahahaha...

Camwhoring while waiting!


Is he done yet?

And here's Gerry.

Look at her new hair band~

It's the Stitch lanyard Dann gave her! wao~ lol

Wilson came down to school that day early to record some videos of our batch people which I didn't want to be in. =p

SEE!!! Wilson FINALLY changed his sweater!!! No more infamous GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW sweater!!!

And just before we left school, Uncle Xiao Di Lue Song did his unglam poses which he got addicted ever sinced Masa's (I think) chalet.

Oh my goodness lah!

ARGH~~~ Where on earth did my act-shuai xiao di went to???!!!!

We then made our way to Expo by MRT after much discussion as Sok Hiang and I wanted to save our money on transport fare. Nowadays public transport is so freaking expensive also lah! Just imagine I actually is spending more than $150SGD on public transport on bus and train only! Just imagine for people who travel on taxi! It's super horrible! I just took a cab from Ang Mo Kio MRT station to my workplace this morning which is like a 10 minutes bus ride only and it cost me $6.20!!! erm... I was gonna be late is I don't take that cab. haiz...

Ok. That aside now.

Once we reached Expo, Lue Song, Sok hiang and I got ourselves some drink first before making our way to Hall 4 for the sales. We walked past Hall 6 (I think) which was having the Adidas sales and the queue was SUPER DUPER UPER CRAZY LAH!!! But then again, my friend went down the previous day and told me that the queue was till the MRT station!!! And Gerry actually wanted to go there to get Ezzat some stuff! hahaha...

Once we reached Hall 4, we first went to the funiture area cause Gerry's mom wanted to get the japanese chairs. After getting the chairs, we then walked around, shopped for little Daven's clothes. hahaha... Just see the look on Lue Song then lah! hahaha... Though he isn't the god-father but he really seem like one lor~ Then we met Fidel and Leon, too. Actually wanted to shop with Fidel for heels but I couldn't find them anywhere later on. meow~ I guess thsi hello kitty candy I got for Fidel shall go into my stomach if I don't see her soon. =(

So we spent like almost 5 hours at the Robinson's sales where I called Fidel after that and she was already home. =( meow meow~~ I was like super sad lah~ Not only did I not get to shop with Fidel, I DIDN'T GET MY HEELS!!! And to make it even worst, the only thing I got at the Robinson's sales wasn't even for me! It was a soccer ball I helped Dann to buy!!! meow meow meow~~~ I did see alot of cosmetics and was quite attracted to the Anna Sui's lip gloss and lip stick, some perfumes but I didn't get any cause I didn't really like them alot and I couldn't find anything that I really need either.

Next, we went to Popular sales at Hall 1 where I got myself a potatoes cook book, 2 cutlery sets, a crystal puzzle and Titanic DVD.

Argh~~~ Where's my heels!!!!


After all we shopping, we chiong to the bus area to wait for the shuttle bus as Gerry thought that it would be faster if we take the shuttle bus. hmm... Oh well!

Free shuttle service!!!

and we waited for the bus~~~

All our shopping!

Including this plastic bag too~

Sok Hiang and I!!!

Bleah~~~ =p

See my puffy sad face~ I want heels~~~

ROAR! I don't care! Next year must get my heels!!! ROAR!!!

Here's Gerry!

And Gerry and I

GST!!! Not in sequence though...

Lue Song reading my cook book

Strawberry Pockey from Gerry's sister, Denise

Gerry and Sok Hiang

Gerry: Argh~ Take photo~
Denise: Don't want Don't want~~!!!
(This wasn't the actual conversation but the meaning is there)

Sok Hiang trying to cut Lue Song up

See this guy!

Read cook book also like L

And Sok Hiang's bus came first

Sok Hiang: Yeah!

and again, Yeah!

See the L!!! Holding on the my cook book and asking me to cook this cook that! hahaha...

Well... when I have the time ba! wahahahaha!!!

I have an eeeeeevil plan~


And Sok Hiang joined to KICK THE L!!!

I wasn't torturing him you know...

See~! He so happy~

Shark head Lue Song! lol

Oh what's this?

Me and the coke machine! wahahahaha

And before Sok Hiang leave, 06 batch's photo!

Bye Bye Sok Hiang~

She tried to open the window...

But it couldnt be opened.


I seriously have no idea what was she looking at.

And our bus arrived shortly

Rabbit Lue

Hop on the bus and there we are on our way to Ang Mo Kio MRT

Lue Song and I

And the crazy 3.
No worries Denise, you are not capture in the photo.

Lue Song reading his own cook book on the bus back

I don't know what was I trying to capture. wahahahaha

And the tired Gerry went Rabbid. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Sunset from inside the bus. Tired~ A whole day standing, walking, shopping without drink or even toilet break!

Aftr reaching Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, we then took a train down to Orchard while Denise brought hers and Gerry's shopping home. We met up with the guys and had dinner at coffee bean. We went to the toilet after ordering our food and that was like the second time I actually went toilet for the whole day and the first time was when I woke up in the morning when getting ready lor~ And the time was like 8pm plus already~ =p

Here's my pasta! My dinner!!!

Just look at the amount of cheeeeeese on top! yummy!

And when the guys were talking about game, street fighter and stuff, I took out my crystal puzzle to play. Dann and Celeste helped me too as they we like quite amazed? hahaha... And the whole apple was done in around 15mins!

TADA! Final product!

And Dann ate the apple!!!

and ME TOO!!!

Don't the apple just look de-li-cious?!

Lue playing with the apple too

L look

For the above 2 photos, I was just playing with my camera function. hahahaha..

And then I got bored again cause my puzzle was already done and I have nothing left to do. No food~~~ meow~~~

heehee... camwhore in Dann's windrunner! =p

And here's happy Gerry after dinner! hahaha...

And before we went back home, Lue and I were having fun camwhoring while the rest were in the toilet.



Look how small the people are! hahaha...

Help~ Run for your life~~~!!!

If you can't run away from it, FIGHT IT!!!

And what was Lue trying to do?

Oh... Kiss the Gorzilla

Look at his eyes~ there's love in them~ lol

So here's all my shopping for the day! OK. My cook book isn't in the photo cause I lent it to Gerry and her sister first.

And once again, more of me and my apple!

My 3 piece cutlery set that I got to replace the ones at Dann's house! YUP! REPLACE!!! HUMP! Say I xiao xin yan, WHATEVER! I Don't care!

Tigger's legs!

Tigger's head!

And my Titanic DVD!!!

My Titanic DVD!!! I wanted to one for years already lor~

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