Sunday, 29 March 2009

Back from Toni & Guy hair show

Yeah I'm finally done cleaning up after coming back from the Toni&Guy hair show and dinner with my mom and Dann after the show. Just imagine... i spent like 30 mins in the toilet and around 15 mins went to washing my hair and stuff!

1. Stand under the shower for the warm water to rinse all the spray and stuff, whatever that was applied on my hair today (or rather yesterday) until hair is "soft". This took up ALOT of time already...

2. Shampoo my hair with my Loreal shampoo which is more moisturising for hair from ends slowly to the roots.

3. Shampoo the roots of my hair with my VS shampoo which washes the hair more as I still felt spray near the roots of my hair.

4. Apply conditioner on hair.

5. Apply hair mask.

6. Apply conditioner again on ends and a little bit of roots and wherever I feel that is still a bit dry.

So.. just imagine how much stuff was on my hair! *cry out loud*

Ok... That's gonna be all for now as I'm super tired, having a headache due too all the hair spray and stuff for the whole day and a pain elbow where my old injury is at AND I still have some face mask to put on! My makeup was pretty but I seriously cannot imagine how much damage has been done to my face with all the acrylic paint!

Good night everyone!
Sleep tight!

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