Wednesday, 4 March 2009

good morning everyone!!!

hey there everyone! i know it is 6.12am now and why on earth am i not sleeping? well i just came back from shen zhen, unpack a little and finished my shower. to think that i have to wake up like 2 hours later and prepare to go to school i think i shall just mind as well stay awake and not sleep. if not, i would not able to wake up after i fall asleep. thankfully i did rest a little on the plane back.

ok... i'm not gonna blog about the trip now cos i still have to select the photos and edit size and stuff before uploading. haiz.. tired ar~ i think i'll just come home and sleep after my IAP briefing later on and get my mobile plan renewed, get my new mobile maybe on Friday after work i guess since my japanese lesson is starting (finally!) on Thursday. still have to find my books. i seriously do not know where have they gone to for the past one term (according to JAS study term).

ok... that's all for now. gonna go select photos liao... hahaha...

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