Monday, 30 March 2009

Falsies falsies

(In my Christian Dior glasses Dann got me 2 days ago)

Back from a night (or rather evening) out with Dann, Merloin, Ezzat and Gerry. Don't really feeling like showering cause I love my falsies today!

heehee... Nice?

And I am also in quite a super good mood cause I got myself an express french manicure done at Nails Bar which is the nail shop that's highly raved by CozyCot.

Express manicure is priced at $10.
I did french express so it's priced at $15.
I also added quick-dry top coat as I wanted my nails to dry even faster with an additional $2.
Total $17 and I spent like 30mins there getting my nails done and 30mins drying my nails while waiting for Dann to call me after his work. lol

And also...

TADA!!! I won myself a pair of flats from Earl Grey Party from Korea!!! I simply can't wait for them to be here!

Happy Trixy!

And here are the choices of my shoes!

First choice! Beige Ballet flats!

Second choice! Blue ribbon flats!

Third choice! Camel oxfords!

There are still plenty of other designs for their current preorder for shoes!
Follow this link to view!

OK... I really gotta go wash up and go to bed already.

Good night everyone!

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