Saturday, 7 March 2009

my new phone!!!

ok. i am kinda bored to blog now so i'll just share about my new phone for now. heehee...

ya i just got my new mobile today (or rather yesterday) after work. so it's goodbye LG Shine

and hello Samsung i780, the Ultra messaging!!!

ok. i'm kinda sad right now cause this windows running mobile deleted all my sms that i had in my sim card which is like all the sms that has great value that dann sent me!!! like the very first sms he asked me out for movie, the first sms he praised me of good looking, first time calling me sweet names, first time greeting me good morning, first time asking me to school for breakfast, all the sweet sweet stuff during our unofficial period and etc etc etc etc etc!!! argh~~~!!!

='( emo~~~

ok... it's my first time using shall a high-tech mobile so i am still very not used to it. oh well, though i've gotten my new phone, i will not be using it for the next 3 months as the company where i'm having my industrial attachment program at does not allow any camera/camera phones in their premises.

ok. for some people's information, i've been attached to ST Electronics. i'm super glad that it's not somewhere super far away from my house and also that my monthly allowance is quite not bad!

dann just got a new phone last week which he is gonna lend it to me for the next 3 months during my attachment period

Nokia 7070 is the phone that's gonna be used by my for the next 3 months. we (or rather dann) did not get the pink one though as it cant even read chinese characters. so we (or rather dann) took the blue one instead!

such a small phone~

so oh well, for the next 3 months i'll be using this nokia 7070 and i'm lending dann my samsung i780. hahaha...

ok. that's all for today. i am bored and not really in the mood to blog now like i said.

good night everyone!
i shall blog later if i'm not going out and feel like blogging. hahaha...

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