Tuesday, 17 March 2009

internet-less week

Good morning everyone! It's a great morning to SLEEP!!! Great waether, cool weather. Just imagine hidding under you comfortable blankey, switchinf the air-con on. The temperature may not be cold, but it's just perfect for a good sleep, a good rest, a good trip to lala land. And where am I? I'm stuck to this office hours working life and have to appear in the office like any other people who works during regular office hours.

I still can't go online when I'm home as my mom has decided to switch to Starhub Boardband after Raymond coming bac home yesterday and saying that if we were to get our modem replaced, we have to buy a modem for like $300 as our boardband plan is already over with Singtel.


Why sigh?

Not that I am not happy about changing our plan to Starhub boardband, but it's simply because my mom would only be going down to Starhub shop to sign up for our new boardband service NEXT WEEK. Just imagine this one whole week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds without internet in my household! OK. it does not affect my sister cause she uses the desktop in her room that's connected to the internet by direct pluck in to the temporary modem! Good for her, bad for me. I don't get to use the internet at all when I'm home! ARGH! And I can't get the modem from her room and connect to the internet in my room cause they are 2 different phone lines and the only connector to THAT phone line is in her room!

Ah~~~!!! I can't take it!!!

The only time I get to use the internet now is in this office I am in now which the internet speed is almost about the same as the old dial-up internet I used when I was Primary 2?!

I have alot alot alot of things that I want to blog about but I have none of the photos and stuff as everything is in my lappy at home! haiz... I guess if we're still not getting our new internet fixed up or something by Sunday, I may just carry my lappy and go to a Mac near my house and just use the internet there!


I know I am become more and more less able to leave without internet like many people do in current days, I still feel that I am not as bad as them. But just imagine taking internet away from me, is like taking my diary away from me as I can't blog, I can't make a mark somewhere where I can keep all these memories of mine forever ever sinced I started this blog when I was in Secondary 3.


I WANT MY INTERNET CONNECTION BACK!!! I cna't possibly blog everyday with my phone via MMS till the new internet connection is up! That's gonna cost me, cost my mom and bomb! I have so much so much I wanna blog about before I forget them as my mind only remember stuff clearly for 7 days. After that, I wouldn't even be able to remember where I went that day, so imagine about still remembering what did I do on that day!

meow~ Give me back my internet!!!

The Starhub Boardband plan I thinking of...

Well, the price is about the same as our current Singtel plan so I think my mom wouldn't mind (that much) ba~

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