Monday, 30 March 2009

My FYP Project

OK. A short post here.

I was just checking my Nuffnang for referrals to my blog and I found people searching for "Trixy NYP" which linked to by blog like duh~ I was just abit curious that my blog link would be right on top or what as it use to be second and Jess's blog as first. Like what the bell... My blog come second! And now, it's third! Jess's second so... who's first?!

Well... it's one of the pages for Nanyang Polytechnic and it's the web site done my ME during my FYP!!!

(click to enlarge)


Though I am still abit sad like why on earth Jess's blog link will be on top of my own blog's link. However, I am very proud of myself to have my project as the first link!

Oh ya oh ya!!! OK. This is quite a old news already as I've gotten my partial results and I got an "A" for my final year project! wahahahaha!!!!!

LOOK LEON(Jess's classmate)!!! YOU AND YOUR RUBBISH CROW MOUTH!!! I TOLD YOU I WILL PASS! and seriously... an A wasn't surprising cos I knew it long ago that my project is gonna be used. So if the school's gonna use MY PROJECT, WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU THINK I WILL FAIL OR EVEN GET A LOUSY GRADE?! HUMP!

wahahahaha... OK. Super happy now! meow! But no matter how on earth happy am I now, I still have to face my horrible project/work. hai...

So that's all for now.
Have a nice day!

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