Thursday, 29 July 2010



Sorry for not be blogging about my day-to-day life for some time.

Well... Here's one post!

Went to AkiBanana the maid cafe at Tanjong Pagar yesterday evening with パールちゃん. We've been saying to go there together one day ever since last December!
Long THAT's a long time~

Sadly ケイコちゃん was not able to join us. ニャ~

So no more crappy... Maid cafe now!

Ok... It's actually my very first time going to a maid cafe. This shabu shabu at Iluma is so not a maid cafe or of anything similar other than the waitress in maid costume.

Firstly, the atmosphere was weird when we first got there. The whole level 1 was in a mess and they even had a sign outside that states "Under Construction". I was so freaking scared that they are not opened sia~

Anyway... There was only one maid with the lady boss (I think) there last evening. The maid is cute~ She's ハナミ (Hanami)

Here's a short clip of Hanami introducting Tanabata

Ok~ I'm not really into Moe Moe voice person. Maybe it's a girls' thing... Or maybe just me...

Here's the drinks of パールちゃん and I.



If you're wondering how the wasabi coke taste like, I'll describe it.

Firstly, yes if you smell, you CAN smell wasabi!
Secondly, when you first drink it, you only taste coke. Like not much of a difference other than it being less gasy.
Thirdly, only after shallowing the coke, you feel the wasabi!

It isn't actually "spicy". It feels like wasabi ice cream that kind...
Only if you were to drink it fast, you're feel the coolness on your nose. And yes, I drank it fast when we were about to leave.


パール and I while waiting for our food to be served.

No worries of getting bored while waiting for your food to be served as...

TADA!!! They have plenty of japanese magazines for you to read!

Love this area of the cafe.

By the way... we had our dinner on the 2nd floor. Yes, the 1st floor is under construction.

Dinner served! The maid drew a cat on my omu rice right in front of me as you can see~

Tada! My omu rice!


パール's Curry rice

Seriously, I expected the food to taste horrible but in the end, they actually taste better than expected.

Don't expect much still. It's like normal food court japanese food.

After our meal, we were being asked to write/draw on their guest book and leave our contact on their mailing list book.

Yes~ パール camwhore while I'm cracking my brain behind her...

Ok... Let's see who is able to find the message I left!

We found this really pretty drawing in the guest book!

The lady boss just came back from Japan and are selling some japanese lashes that she got back from Japan, too!

Well... Expensive sia...

Ok! So where is this maid cafe?
I do not know the exact address but here's a video recorded by the staff of A87 themselves to guide you there!

Erm.. Personally I find the way they talk abit irritating after some time, but bear with it awhile to get to know how to get there from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station Exit A.

Ok~ My next stop will be either the maid cafe at Chijmes or the upcoming one at Funan.
If I were to organise a outing, will anyone wanna join me in my next maid cafe visit?

That's all for now!



  1. omg, no offence but i really wanna slap the girl in the middle. lol ok i guess that was pretty offensive. :x

  2. fidelistohへ
    LOL. It's ok... Got the same feeling when I was watching the video. (><)opps!

  3. yay! love the pictures your so kawaii!! :)

  4. Mariko Jessica へ
    Thank you! ありがとう!

  5. hmm... i wonder if the middle gal is the high pitched one which you all are talking about?

    arghh... my ears.

  6. seem like a loli shop le the girl very small like sister to me



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