Monday, 27 July 2009

Injured my left thumb!


I actually wanted to open the huge lollipop that Wendy gave me to see how it actually looks like inside of it and of course, have one lollipop my own yesterday while I was at home, waiting for the time for me to leave the house to meet Dann and Merloin for dinner.

When I was trying very hard to open the lollipop, I accidentally cut my left thumb with the scissors that I was using. I would say it was pretty slow of me. I initially thought that "Oh Sh*t! Okay, it's gonna bleed a little I suppose and sh*t Dann's gonna scold me for being so careless."

So I took a look at my left thumb which was hurting a little and I saw red liquid flowing out like nobody's business under my scissors, out of my thumb. I confess that I was being like kinda (or super) slow that I was like "Oh~! Is that blood? Oh yes, Sh*t! It IS BLOOD!!!"

Then I quickly grabbed a tissue and pressed on my wound hard while remaining calm, raising my hand up high and thinking of what should I do. Out of a sudden I feel that all I've learnt during first aid course during my GB days went missing after the fact of remembering to add pressure on the wound on raise my hand up high to reduce the blood flow to my hand. (Cos if you put it down, blood will flow down and blah blah blah~)

So after like 3 seconds, I thought of my nursing friends. So I decided to quickly grabbed my mobile and called Jia Hui cos I think that Gerry would most proberly be working and wouldn't be answer my call. Well, I called Jia Hui and she didn't picked up the phone. But when I was calling Gerry after the phone call to Jia Hui was disconnected, Jia Hui called back and I told her the situation and she guided me along to what should I do.

Thank You Jia Hui!!!

I dirtied the watch that Dann gave me a few months ago.

Meow~ But I've already wiped it clean after attending to my wounds.

My wounds after several hours after I came home late at home.

I bandaged my hand after that and ya I know it's like SUPER 夸张 lah! I don't know how to bandage mah...

Oh well, Dann helped me to bandage again after I met him and taught me how to bandage also so my hand didn't know THAT bad when I went out today.

Anyway, I still did open the lollipop and here is how it looks like inside!

It's pretty dumb that I can only open it till like that cos when I wanna open the cover, I somehow will tear my wound a little, causing it to bleed again. So I guess I just have to open it when my wounds are fully healed.

And my energy of the day!!! I seriously felt fainted when I first called Dann and told him that I hurted myself and was bleeding quite alot (or at least to me). I was actually struggling to reach for my phone to call him then. And when I was walking out of Watsons after getting some stuff, people just seemed to have 2 bodies! =X

Ok. That's all everyone!

Sorry if I made you uncomfortable. My apologises.

Take care!

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