Monday, 9 August 2010


Hi everyone!

Here's some videos I just found online.
Didn't know that Coca Cola has that many different theme songs just this year alone.
And what else?

Does anyone remember Derrick 何維健 from Project Superstar 1?

He actually sang 2 of them for the Singapore versions!
One's the Mandarin Version for the YOG 2010

And here's the other one!

Derrick 何維健 & Jocie 郭美美 - Open Happiness
(English Version)

張惠妹 - 快樂暢開
(Mandarin Version)

Really love Ah-Mei's version!
Okay~ In short I love Ah-Mei okay?

Oki! That's all for now!
Gonna go grab a cup of ice cold coke my own now!

Celebrate this National Day with Coca Cola!!!

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