Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cosmetics I Use

Hi everyone!

Ok. I know I should have blogged this earlier... The cosmetics I used on the day I went to Universal Studios that stayed perfect all day even after soaking wet water rides and the super duper heavy rain!

Read my post on my date to Universal Studio here!

So here's ALL the items I used that day!

Biore Bright Face Milk as my makeup base.
It's not sticky after application and it helpes to brighten you face, too!

Have been using this for a few months already and I'm loving it!
No wonder it's top sellng in Japan!

ZA 2-way Powder Foundation (in my Majolica Majorca case)
I'm not someone that loves BB cream or even liquid foundation. I feel that they are too cakey and they makes my face look super fake.

Have been using this foundation for almost 2 years already. Love it!
But still, gonna switch to Ettusais after I'm done with this and I may even get the AquaLabel one.
In short, I love powder foundations of brands that are under Shiseido.

KATE Loose Powder and CandyDoll Mineral Powder.
I like to use the KATE loose powder when I'm at home putting on my makeup and bring the CandyDoll one out for touch-up instead of putting layers and layers of foundation on for touch-up.

After putting on my double eyelid tape...

Canmake Eyeshadow Base
Shiseido Eyeshadow Palette in BR732 (Cream white used only)
Majolica Majorca Golden Eyeshadow GD822

Canmake Nuance Eyebrow in 06
DollyWink Pencil Eyeliner in Brown
Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner in GD833
Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BK999
Majolica Majorca Jeweling Liner in 71

Canmake Gokubuto Mascara
Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer

CandyDoll Peach Blush
Canmake Powder Cheeks in PW19
Vaseline Lip Theraphy

Oki! That's all I used that very day!

And now I'm gonna share with you some new stuff I've got!


DollyWink Lash #6

DollyWink Lash case to keep my branded falsies

Palty Eyebrow Mascara

A short review here:
I've received feedbacks and comments that some people used the Palty eyebrow mascara before and they find them clumpy.
Well, both Jo and I used ours.

For Jo, it was a little clumpy in the beginning but after around 3 use it's fine already. Guess it's just that there's a little too much on the brush when applying.

As for me, I have no problem at all! It wasn't clumpy at all! And I love this eyebrow mascara cos it also conceals your eyebrow colour! So glad that I decided not to get my Kiss Me Eyebrow Concealer that time if not it's just gonna collect dust somewhere in my makeup pouch.

Melliesh Blush #3

It's around the same colour as CandyDoll Strawberry Blush.

A little review from me again... Personally, I like Melliesh's blush better than CandyDoll as it's more lasting!

Limited Edition Diamond Lash (Violet Range)

Why is it limited? Notice that all lashes are different?
Yup, that's why!

I just love the Diamond Lash falsies! Was using the very first and last pairs of the box!

By the way, that was my makeup for the day for last week's 夏祭り!
I used the Palty eyebrow mascara, too!

Oki! Now I'm gonna share with you (almost) all the cosmetics I use!


ZA 2-Way Powder Foundation
KATE Pressed Powder
KATE Loose Powder
CandyDoll Mineral Powder

Ok. Someone actually asked me before like which loose powder is better?
KATE? Or CandyDoll?

If you want something lighter and you don't need something that has coverage, KATE is fine.
If you're not sure, then you can just get CandyDoll.


If you were to ask me what's my favourite brand for eyeshadow, it's KATE!!!
It's really reasonable, affordable, the colours are also so pretty and they last! Unlike MM, which fades super easily!

Ok~ KATE may be more expensive over here in Singapore as compared to brands like MM and Canmake but it's really worth the money!
You can really invest in their brown shades!

If you're wondering what's that 2 tubes in the photo, the pink one is liquid eyeshadow from Shiseido Maquillage and the brown one is a liquid eyeshadow from Ettusais.

(I used the Pink liquid eyeshadow last week for Natsu which is the photo above where I wore my Diamond Lash falsies)


Shiseido Mauillage highlight/contour powder
(I didn't get the case that time =P)
Ettusais Limited Lollipop Blush in PK5
Melliesh Blush #3
CandyDoll Peach Blush
Canmake Powder Cheeks in PW19

Oki! That's all in the post!
Do feel free to drop me comments or even questions!

BiBi Everyone!


  1. I bought the Palty eyebrow dye too. And it was quite clumpy at first. But I decided to get rid of the excess and it turned out great! (:

  2. Hey, can you do a makeup video on it (:
    Love all your makeup and I got to admit kate gt nice and pigmented eyeshadow (:

  3. hi where did you purchase your candy doll loose powder? :D

  4. Hi~! I'm selling them on my very own blogshop!
    We're having a pre-order now!

  5. hi! where'd you get the diamond lashes? those are so cute!

  6. JessieBearへ

    I got them from my blogshop.
    We've just shifted to

  7. hi, i chance upon your blog while searching for kate loose powder. i was looking at kate loose powder at watson and am hesitating whether should i get it or not becos i m looking for a loose powder and i didnt wanna spend so much money on it as i already have a paul & joe loose powder. hence, could you enlighten me about the product after using it? so i could decide if i wanna get it. i would love to hear from you! Thanks alot babe! =)

    Drop me a message at my blog




  8. na0miiiへ
    Hi. I'm not very sure what you're looking for for a loose powder. If not you can try after you finish your current one?

  9. Hi, I wanted to know, did you ever do a tutorial about how to apply eyelid tape? If not, can you please do one? I have never been able to apply it properly, and I'm quite desperate!


  10. Very nice;) I love all of them actually! Also I have introduced and been selling almost all the products you use at my blog shop in fact;)



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