Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hi everyone!

OK... I can't sound that hyper right now actually...
Woke up with my whole body aching, stomach pain, headache, and I'm actually using a lot of strength just to raise my arms up to type all these now.

Even feel ling throwing up.
Argh~ This feeling is horrible, terrible, extremely!

I'll blog about my date out with my boyfriend to Universal Studios yesterday when I get better.

Guess I fell this sick thanks to the sudden rain that got everyone soaked wet!
So who cares about getting soaked at either the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride or even the WaterWorld show?!
There was no freaking difference!
Universal Studios sure earned quite a bit from the sale of umbrellas and ponchos yesterday alright~

Oh yea the Shrek umbrellas are so cute man~!
*Ahem* Price even cuter~

By the way... I'm soooo gonna do a review for the cosmetics I used yesterday. Why?!
Cos they are freaking good!
Like after the soaking wet ride at The Lost World and after the super duper heavy rain, they stayed on PERFECT till I reached home like 10pm plus?!
Like I had my makeup on from 7am in the morning okay~

Lastly, before I end this post...

TADA! My Ginger-bread man from Shrek!

I'm gonna eat you up!!!

Oki. That's all for now.
See you soon!


  1. Aww get better soon :(

    Thats one kawaii plushie teehee..

  2. Please share your makeup that you had since 7am morning till 10pm on the outing day of Universal studios :) <3 Much love and get well soon!



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