Saturday, 28 August 2010

Haircut at Artica
Clubbing at Rebel


Last Friday seriously was quite a day alright~

My outfit for the day!
Love this Minnie Tank Top!
By the way, if you have not checked out my items for sale page, do check it out!
I'm selling the extra Pink Minnie Tank Top I got that is the exactly the same as on Popteen August!

I met Jo in the afternoon for lunch and to get present for dear Lucas for his one month old birthday!
So happy for Emily and Zheng Hao~
Even though I couldn't make it for the celebration last Sunday, I'm sure baby Lucas is super adorable right?!

After getting the present for baby Lucas, we went down Artica at Far East Plaza for my haircut.

Washy washy hair!

After getting my hair trimmed, Juno helped curl my hair for me!

Thank you Juno!!!

I'm so going back next week to get touch up my hair colour.

After my haircut, went over to *Scape for some stuff with Jo, Boyfriend and Xiang Min. Once it was settled, I bid goodbye to them and join Kelly at Cineleisure's Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Pocky, Kelly's BF and a guy friend joined us, too, for dinner. Jiaqi and Hayley were supposed to join us, too, at 7pm, but these 2 ladies arrived only after 9pm! Tsk tsk tsk~

It seems like some sort of routine whenever I meet the girls but ya, we took purikura again!

And this is my favourite shot...


Camwhore time!!!

Pocky, Jiaqi and I

With Hayley

With Jiaqi

With Kelly

The 5 of us!!!

Time to split the purikura!

This shot was 'supposed' to be candid. LOL

After purikura, we head down to Rebel.

Ok... We started taking all sorts of photos at various clubs

I totally love this shot although it's blurr

Soon after we head back to Rebel, Celestina joined us!

I apologise for my BIG head...

And this silly photo of mine. LOL

I have no idea that person is form Stomp alright~

Hope to meet up with your girls again soon!

That's all for now!
Loves everyone!


  1. Nice pictures.
    Everyone looks pretty here.
    Love your outfit by the way.
    Oh yeah, I've been wanting to tell you.
    I think you look a little like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (this is a compliment, by the way!)

  2. Exuvaliaへ
    Thank you!

    Not as if I want to... =(



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