Sunday, 22 August 2010

Secret to Soft, Kissable Lips!

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Like mentioned quite a few times, I have really dry and cracky lips.
I totally really love and thank the person who actually invented lip balms man~
The person is a life (or rather lips) saver!

Being a lover of japanese products which usually rocks cos japanese are people who just can't let a single thing of them get wrong especially appearance and presentation, I just can't stop but love their products!

If you have been shopping around Watsons recently, you must have spotted these new cute babies from Japan!!!

TADA!!! The new babies from Mentholatum Japan!

Seriously, they are super affordable and comes in great 5 juicy fruity flavors that are all made from real fruit juicies and contain honey which heals and renew our precious lips!

Here's 3 of them!

Lemon & Lime for a refreshing feel

Almost every girls' favorite - 苺 Strawberry!!!

Well for me...

I like this! Orange & Mango!!!

Even though I aint really a fan of Orange, but this lip balm gives a refreshing feeling with the goodness of sweet Mango!!!
Like who can resist MANGO!?!?!

I know I can't!

Other than these 3 juicy flavors, there's also Grape & Berry and also White Peach!
I'm soooo gonna get white peach next!



*Oh~ I hope Singapore will bring in these lip gloass, too!*

If you're someone that don't really like flavored lipbalms, here's the ultra hydrating lipbalm with Hyaluronic Acid for you!

It's comes in 2 different variants!

Deep Moist Menthol which leaves a cool, menthol feeling after application

Deep Moist Natural for people who prefer your lipbalm fragrance free

These 2 babies are in a unique oval-shaped design that fits the corner of your mouth well due to the wide dimension which also makes application easier!

Mentholatum Lipbalms are number #1 in Japan!

Do you have any idea who's the celebrity spokesman for Rohto Mentholatum Lip Balm in Japan?

It's Kat-tun!!! Loves JIN!!!!!

See! That's the secret to Jin and Kame's Sexy Kissable Lips!!!


So now you know the secret to Soft...

and Kissable lips...

Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes!
Available at any Watsons outlets near you!

All you have to do is to purchase the lipbalm, try it and post your experience onto this facebook wall
3 lucky winners will be selected!

Don't forget to 'LIKE' me photo, too, to support me!

Contest period: 16 August 2010 - 17 October 2010

My favorite Mentholatum lipbalm is now offically a member in my makeup pouch!

Grab yours now!

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