Wednesday, 25 August 2010

21st Birthday Dinner!


On the 13th August, yes Friday the 13, was my 21st birthday.

Didn't really had a party or something. Wasn't really in the mood for celebration due to many many reasons but I really had a great dinner with my friends at one of my favourite Japanese buffet resturant.
Okay~ Used it...
After that night, I realised their standard dropped.
So if you were to ask me where is number on my list for reasonable and good Japanese buffet, I recommend Akira at Link Hotel.

So ya, we had dinner at Senki, which is just directly opposite Lee Wei Song's Music School near Somerset area.

With Fook Yu

Mio-san and Jo

Daniel in background, followed by Merlion then OZ in foreground.

Lovey dovey Pei Di and Daniel

Yes my dear boyfriend and Xiang Min

*Xiang Min! I left out that U word in this post okay~ LOL*

Boyfriend was bored and he made this face

As usual, I take forever to decide on what to eat even though I always ended up ordering the same old usual stuff.

My daddy always say I study the menu as if I'm going for an exam when making my choice for food.

Yes I was super hungry that night! That was my very first meal of the day!


Girls of the night!
*Where's Pei Di?!*

TADA!!! One of my favourite -- Oreo Cheesecake!!!

Happy 21 to ME!

*Welcome to the world of being an adult*

Present time!!!

Ok... If you're following me on my fanpage or twitter you would have knows that I got a DS Lite for birthday!!!

Thanks everyone!!!
*That was quite a long list...*

Cakey time!!!

Thank you everyone! And thank you Xiang Min for the dinner!!!
LOVES~! *hugs*



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