Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Date at Universal Studio!


Finally I'm gonna blog about my date at Universal Studios with my dear boyfriend for our 3rd Year Anniversary!

Yes, that's us alright!

Someone actually asked me why do I seldom post photos of my boyfriend. And yes, he don't really like it, that's why.

Weird lah~ But I can't blame him cos I always capture the literally ugly side of him.


Ok. Firstly, most of the photos in this post are taken using my boyfriend's SONY DSLR. If you wanna know what model is it, it's A350.

So back to Universal Studio!

Sadly, the 2 rides that I wanted to sit most is not opened, as expected alright.

The pretty pretty cat from Shrek!

See the gingerbread man in the background?
Yea that's the one I got! (笑)

Great Popcorn scent welcomes you near the entrance!

For people that knows my boyfriend, you will get the joke about this photo above.
Speed limit 30? You MUST be joking!

My favorite photo of the day!
With *haiya!* Kung Fu Panda!!!

Outside the old retro cafe

Can anyone find the exact location of this photo above taken?

I like this photo! Muahaha~!



Somehow I feel this photo of me more scary!

Where's Dann?

Tada! Found him!

Outside the Discovery Centre near The Lost World

Yea here we are alright

Ah~! I think ****'s mouth's bigger!!!

On our ride to fly 'round the lost world.

Not putting up my bf's photo for this cos I took his "ugly side".


Waiting for my number 1 rated ride in Universal Studio!

Okay. Bf takes better photos... (泣)

Oh well.. This IS Singapore alright.
You must have signs with error somewhere~!

Last photo of us DRY.

Ok. Photography is strictly not allowed during the ride but my dear boyfriend just can't keep his hands on the safety bars so...

Ok. There's way more cooler dinosaurs along the ride especially the T-Rex(s)! Super cool! Wanted to go for it another time but the queue got waaaay too long when we were queuing.

After the ride and everyone was soaked.

Only this guy beside me was a little wet.

But oh well.. it didn't make much of a difference at the end of the day thanks to the rain that got me sick the very next day!

Okay~ It's isn't THAT far afterall. LOL

After our Shrek 4D movie, it rained super duper heavy.
Bf and I went out to Vivo city for some food and shopping while waiting for the rain to stop, hopefully, which did after not too long.

And yes I was amazed by my makeup that can stay THAT perfect after all those roller coaster ride, water soaking ride and super duper heavy rain and etc.

Will blog about the products I used that day on a seperate post soon.

So after we're back...

Woody!!! Oh man I miss that cartoon!!!

Even though I'm not a fan but still~ Madagascar!

Some interesting packaging for drinks and food.

More cute plushies!

Waiting for the WaterWorld show to begin!

I'm trying to upload the video I took but there seems to be some problems.
Will upload and update this post again.

Monster Rock Show was Fantastic!

Oh my! Betty Boop is LOVES!

And the last photo of this post has no link to universal studios...

Mr. Hersey Bar!


Oh ya~ I've changed my contact lens is you realised.

It's the same style that Popteen model Kumicky 久美子 wears most of the time.
*Sorry but I forgot the exact style name*


That's all for now!
Having serious cramps.
Argh~ I hate being a female!



  1. Stop using these lenses and get your eyes checked. Before its all too late


  2. You look really cute in those pictures.
    Can't wait for you to blog about those products you used that day. =D

  3. Hi!! Did u thought of getting braces? (:

  4. Anonymousへ Yup I do wanna get braces but prolly after my wisdom teeth are fully grown/extracted.



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