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Finally I'm blogging over here on this year's Natsu Matsuri!

Woke up around 8.30am after 4 hours of sleep as I went clubbing with the Girls at Rebel the night before as blogged previously.

WHY? Not because I had to queue for my tickets cos I've already got my advance tickets but because I had a audition on.

Oh well... I did not get the role alright~ Acting just isn't my thing I guess. I'll stick to singing and dancing! (笑)

My eye makeup for the day!

I'm one person that hardly put on pink eye shadow but I used my Shiseido pink liquid eyeshadow that day and it looks great!
As for my lashes, I wore Diamond Lash Violet #1 (Upper lash) and #5 (Lower lash).

So after my audition, I head down to Tanah Merah MRT station to meet up with Yvonne and the rest before going to the Japanese School in Changi together!

With Yvonne

We got in soon and rest at our usual Ardorthymatics' spot whenever we go for Natsu Matsuri.

I was super duper excitied! It was my very first time there to have fun!

2006 : Didn't attend thanks to part-time work
2007 - 2009 : Performance
2010 : For FUN!!!

Here's Eileen preparing to eat her bento.

Xiang Min said that that bento is VERY nice. So Cindy and I bought 2 boxes to share with Wendy and Fook Yu even though we alredy got our own bento.

Crap~ My cold udon was SOOOOOO much better lor~

Jo and her bento

Waiting for Fook Yu to finish her food before we go and play some games!


Bump into some of my ex-classmates from Ikoma!
Man~ Japanese lesson without them are super duper boring lah!

Couldn't believe I got to meet Grace! She's back for summer holiday from Japan!
Man~ I wanna go Japan and study, too!!!
*Fat hope alright~*

Sadly, didn't get to meet Amanda and Masda.

Wendy, Fook Yu and I

My bubble-blowing yoyo from Jo!

And as usual the elementary japanese students will put up super duper kawaii performances!


This year there wasn't any performance by any polytechnics at all...


My grape soda!

Jo and her chocolate ice cream.

I had my favourite maccha ice cream! LOVES!!!

Act stan Kim Kai

Lonely beer drinking Ban Theng.
This guy sooo shouldn't touch alcohol at all man~

Hello Kitty yukata!
See the little girl on the left?
The yukata print is the exact one as one I have!

My Apple Vinegar! I've decided to just get this bottle for every natsu now on! It's waay enough to last me that whole evening!

Wendy, Jasmine, Jo and Cindy!

With Jasmine and our branded fans. LOL

With Cindy

With Jo

With my dear boyfriend!

Happy happy me waiting for Bon Odori!

Oh it began!

Below are some photos taken by my boyfriend with his DSLR

Fook Yu caught in action!

Kawaii little girls!

With Fook Yu and Lue Song

The smiles at Natsu Matsuri

Happy US!

Love this photo! YEAH!


Did not join in the last song cos I seriously do not like that dance. LOL


Ok... Who left before bon odori ended?! I photoshop your face in!
Who? Who? Tell me!!!

After Natsu, I rushed down to Chin Teck's birthday party.
I totally missed the cake cutting session and by the time I arrived, I total have no idea which is the cake!

Tell me lah~! Which is the cake?!
The item on the table or the birthday boy himself?!

Didn't stay for long as Kathy wanted to leave already and I felt pretty out of place as I didn't know most of the people there.

With Kathy

Kathy went home after the party whereas I head down to Helipad.

Yes~ Clubbing in yukata. (笑)

Oki. That's all!
Can't wait to get my hair colour touched up tomorrow!

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  1. Awwww! Love the pictures.
    The Yukatas are all so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing. (:



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