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AquaLabel Workshop


I attended Shiseido's new brand, AquaLabel's Workshop on Thursday at Shiseido's main office!

See all your favourite brands under Shiseido!

And yes, being a blogger, what do you do when you reach the venue of an event?

Snap snap snap photos! I was so glad I remembered to bring extra battery out if not I would be photo-less for more than half the workshop!

Full range of AquaLabel products placed nicely on the table, waiting for the workshop to begin!

Yummy Hersey Kisses were served, too, for all bloggers!


Our very own work space for the workshop!

Waiting patiently for the workshop to begin!

Met Jiaqi there, too!

Finally, after everyone arrived, the workshop started!

Had a short briefing on the contest details before the workshop proper.

Can you spot my photo on the slide? (笑)

Workshop proper began with this very slide.

Like I've mentioned before many many times on my blog, moisturising is VERY VERY important be it whatever skin type do you have. It's like total nonsense to say that if you have oily skin, moisturising is a waste or something.

If your skin is dry, your skin will tend to produce more oil to protect your face/skin. So after proper, and well done moisturising your skin will get the signal that there isn't a need for it to product THAT much oil as the protective layer on your face. Without this excess oil on your face, your pores will not clog up which is naturally reduce many facial problems.


First 'S'

Second and third 'S'

That this quality skincare products are all Made in Japan and is the No. #1 Whitening and Anti-ageing brand in Japan!
(In self-select category in Japan, under ¥2000 Category)

Here's the 3 skincare range of AquaLabel.

Whitening Range

Anti-acne Whitening Range

Moisturing Range

I tried the full range for moisturising that evening which I'll be sharing with you in this very post!

All ready to begin!

Step 1: Cleanse!

You meant be wondering is this product removes your eye makeup well, too.
Well, I asked one of the AquaLabel staff and guess what?! This is the product which actually removes eye makeup like lash glue, too!
For lazy people like me, it's really great to have a cleanser that removes EVERYTHING!

Seriously, my lash almost came off even though I didn't apply much on my lash line as I didn't want to remove my falsies!

That every single AquaLabel skincare product has a very nice rose floral sent?!

I just LOVE the rose scent! I'm a totally lover for rose scent products! I'm actually using rose scent hair cologne. (笑)

And of course, facial wash - the Milky Mousse Foam

Step 2: Soften!

I tried the Moisture Lotion R as my skin is very dry

You must be thinking "Shouldn't it be toner after cleasing?"

Well, that's the Western facial care concept! The Japanese facial care concept is to actually soften your skin and prepare your skin to absorb all the other facial products that you're going to apply later on!

It's just like Ettusais's AC-Skincare Version Up. It prepares your face for the later facial products!


Step 3: Special Care!

These babies contains highly concentration targeted essences - Glycyl Glycin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen respectively.

Moist Essence GG: Intensive essence to minimise appearance of porses
Moist Essence CL: Intensive essences to plump up cheeks
Moist Essence HA: Intensive essences to minimise appearance of fine lines
*Yeah! Moist Essence HA is my favourite and I've been using it everyday for more than 2 weeks already!*

If you don't know which one should you get, why not try this - The Moist Net Essence !

Moist Net Essence which helps plumps up skin from deep within as it releases moisturising ingredients and seals it in with a formula containing a concentrated amount of double hyaluronic acid!

I tried this Moist Essences GG that evening!

Putting on facial mask if super duper relaxing, I LOVE mask time!

Everyone putting on the mask of their choice and relax for 5 minutes!

So did I!

Did I scare you? (笑)

After 5 minutes of relaxation, it's time to take off your mask!
Usually I'll place the mask on my feet after usage. This way my feet can also do mask for a little while!
You can put on your hands if you want to.

Anyway... Just leaving the essence there on your face after removing your mask is not enough! It's time for a simple massage to massage the remaining essence into your precious skin!

Here's the 5 simple steps!

Following diligently and masage the essence in!

Loves~! My skin felt so soft!!!

Step 4: Moisturise!

Similarly to the Moist Lotion R, I tried the Moist Emulsion R for my dry dry skin!

Step 5: Enhance!

Moist Aqua Enhancer MO

This baby helps forces essential skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin so that the benefits are maximally absorbed!

That AquaLabel's Aqua Enhancer, both whitening and moisturising, are highly raved and recommended on Taiwan variety program 女人我最大?

Step 6: Sun Protection

For the day, be sure to apply on sun protection at least 30 minutes before leaving your house for your skin to fully absorb and for the sunscreen to work to its maximum!

At night before going to bed, be sure to apply this moisture cream!
It's capsulated collagen releases moisture into your precious skin and keeps it moisturised for hours on end!

And when you wake up in the morning, your skin will be well-hydrated, firm and translucent!

After applying sun protection!

Base Care

It blends effortlessly into your skin to conceal pores.
It also keeps your skin moisturised at the same time!

AquaLabel actually has it's very own makeup range, too!

There's actually the moisturising range for makeup in Japan but sadly, they're not gonna bring them in for now.

Man~ I seriously hope that they will bring them in~!

I understand that many babes would love to have their makeup having whiteing formula, too, but I really hope to have my makeup having moisturising formula!

My dry skin sure could use them!

Ok. Back to the whitening range for makeup!

White Up Base

Powder Foundation

Liquid Foundation

They have this PO10 which gives a slightly pinkish finish

I tried on PO10's powder foundation and here's how it looks like!

It's really light! I love it!

I'm sooo gonna get mine after the ZA and Ettusais foundation I have now.
*Or maybe even get the moisturing one from Japan*

The workshop ended off with this slide

So all I had on was foundation and my falsies.

Just see for yourself how nice the finish of the foundation is!

Group shot with the pretty heroes behind this workshop!

Here's of group shot of all the bloggers who attended the workshop that evening!

With Hayley before leaving

We each got ourselves more samples! I'm sooo gonna share my review with everyone after using them!

After the workshop, I went over to Cineleisure with Jiaqi and Hayley to take purikura!

With only AquaLabel's foundation on, we all still look so flawless!
Magic~! (笑)

Note that I did not edit ALL photos in this photo at all!
At most I only edited brightness and contrast.

Okay. That's all for now!
Loves everyone!

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