Friday, 6 August 2010

Japanese Fashion Street
Fashion Apparel #3


JFS's latest fashion pre-order is now officially open!

Here's some of favourites and I've already added in my orders for some of these pretties, too!

#3. Lace Sleeve Stripey Shirt - $23

I'm always in love with shirts. I find them really casual but yet not sloppy!
And with the lace details on the shoulders, there's still a femine feel to it!

#9.Floral Drawstring Shorts - $18

This pair of shorts is SOOOO SWEET!
Fell in love with it the second I saw it!

Well, if you don't like shorts that has a flare flare stuff at the bottom, why not go for this!

#13. Floral Shorts - $18


#14. Denim Lace Shorts - $23

Love this lacey shorts, too!

#27. Sailor Jumpsuit - $25

This sailor jumpsuit is so cute and casual, too!
I'm so getting one!

*Evil laughter*

#30. Popteen Inspired Floral Tube Romper - $28

Love this floral demin romper, too!

Oh man~ My pocket is soooo gonna burn a big BIG hole next week!

We're also having Summer Promotion now!

Now when you order 5 or more pieces, you will only have to pay a $5 flat for handling fee!

There's a total of 40 pretty pieces of clothings in the pre-order!

So c'mon gather your group of friends and shop on together now!

Pre-order closes 15 August 2010, 11.59pm.

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