Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Shopping at Watsons

Yoz~ Here's a short post on the stuff I got last Saturday.
*Ahem* I was unhappy... =P

My loots from Watsons!

Got a Majolica Majorca glittery cream pencil eyeliner

Got this epilat product cos someone commented that my leg hair is long.
So I got it! WAHAHA!

Will do a review after trying it out!

Restocked my Biore Pore Pack!

I've been using Biore pore pack for quite a long time already.
If you were to ask me whether is the white one better or the black one, I would say the black ones.
I feels that they are more sticky which of course removes more black heads.

Mini Lollipop!

Although it only comes in this one flavour, it's really refreshing!
Great for people like me that have already past the age of fancying lollipop like mad.

You should totally give it a try! Only $1.95 for a box of 6!

My very first AquaLabel product!

I've always wanted to get a eye cream so I've decided to give this a try!

As you can see from the first photo, I got a packet of the Sour Cream and Onion cheezels biskitz.

I've got all 3 flavours!

I've tried the Classic Cheese flavour. Hmm... Not as nice as expected.
Not recommended alright.
Shall blog more when I've tried the other 2.

Oki. That's all for now!
Gonna sleep early tonight for outing with my dear boyfriend tomorrow for our 3rd Year Anniversary!



  1. I love that lollipop :)

    Anyway do post a review on that Eye Cream.. Ive always wanted to try one..

    And Happy Anniversary to the two of you :)

  2. Mariko Jessicaへ
    Ya I sure will! And Thank you!

  3. Hi^^,may i know which watsons did you get your things from?

  4. kyandii へ
    I got the items in the post from Toa Payoh HDB Hub Branch.

  5. Interesting post,
    can i kindly know where you got your "Epilat" product from? and roughly which corner?

    Have been to many different Watson branches,but never came across this product before.


  6. Joyceへ
    You can check out the area where they put all the female shavers/hair remover products. Usually it's somewhere near skincare.

    I went to many Watsons and I do those products there. Like Ngee Ann City, Wisma, I just saw the products there last weekend.

  7. Thanks for the reply :)
    will check it out...



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