Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Silly Apple.

Hey there everyone! Valentine's Day is just over like 2 days back and how was your day?

Well, I had a great day!

It first started out me doing my duty as a staff of Love Droplets to send a bouquet to one of our customer which is my friend. Not gonna blog out who is it. If you know it, ya you know. If not, it shall remain the way it is as my friend's boyfriend actually asked my friend who else knows that she is actually giving him flowers that day.

So after delivering the bouquet, I made my way to the MRT station to meet Dann for our date. (heehee...)

We first went to the Cathay's Billy Bombers's for our lunch as that's the place we had our very first dinner at on our very first date more than one and a half years back when we were still unofficially together. So sweet of him~ (*^-^*)

We had the Valentine's Day Set Meal and this is what we had there's for 2 persons. It taste yummy!!! We also had milkshakes which Dann likes.

We also got this collar pin each! Not sure if it's because we didnt eat the dessert or what. It was chocolate cake/brownie which none of us both take.

It is always fun to be eating outside, by the window, especially with Dann. Why? heehee... I shall keep it to myself. Please allow me to be selfish for awhile. =p

After lunch, we had a walk around Plaza Singapura for awhile before making our way back to the Cathay for our movie.

Fotunately, Dann booked the tickets online the night before if not we would have to queue like mad or might not even be able to get a ticket.

We watched "Slumdog Millionaire" and the cinema was like fully packed lah! Dann told me that when he was booking the tickets, the cinema was already half-booked!

The movie was great! I seriously love the ending, the dance! hahaha... "what's an indian movie without the dance?" hahaha...

Movie Rating: 5 Stars!

After movie, we went back to Dann's house area's supermarket to get some food first as Dann was cooking me dinner!!! YEAH!!!

On the train back...

Dann still in his glasses

Without glasses

So what do you think? Does Dann look better with or without glasses?

So after alighting, we got our food stuff from NTUC Fairprice before heading back to Dann's house for our lovely dinner!!! While Dann was cooking, I was watching TV. heehee...


We had pasta then sparkling juice then ice cream to end of our lovely meal! heehee...

My valentine's day may seem simple, but it was really a sweet one to me.


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