Monday, 2 February 2009

Sneak Peek of Swensen's Upcoming Promotion

i went to work on Friday and to my surprise there was food test!!! it's like only my 2nd time having a food test after working for 3 years lah!!! OK. it was supposed to be on Thursday (which was one of my off day) and i was like so sad i didn't get to try the food. but wuhu~! I GOT TO TRY THEM!!!

so here they are!

the upcoming promotion brings you 4 foreign dishes from Europe!

OK. i tried the chicken ratatouille and the fishy dish (which i forgot the name of it already).
there's 2 dishes for beef. the Shepard's pie and a beef rou-lay-den (i forgot the spelling of that word but that's how you pronounce it). i didn't try the beef dishes due to a reason but i do not intend to tell everyone.

the chicken ratatouille is yummy~ sia~ sadly we had to share the dishes with all our service staff (that's working then) and one piece of that chicken seriously isn't enough!!! it's just too good~!

the fishy one is alright. i like the pasta served with it and also the creamy spinach.

the beef rou-lay-den really has a very strong German taste which i think not be to every one's liking ba...

the Shepard's pie review was not bad from my colleagues. heehee... sadly i didn't eat it.

beef rou-lay-den on the top row
chicken ratatouille on the left and fishy on the right in the middle row
and shepard's pie on the bottom row of the photo right above of post.

each promotion set comes with a soup of the day and a drink.

from more information on this promotion set meal and the special dessert for this promotion, you may check out for more detail.

this promotion is valid from the 3 March - 30 April 2009.

*all content of this post is just my personal and friends' view on the food to our liking for food.*

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