Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Happy Trixy!!!

here's gonna be some updates packed all together. wahahahaha...

just gotten the photos taken on ezzat's birthday celebration around 3 weeks ago from dann like 2 nights ago.

birthday boy zato and cute gerry!!!

and after making his birthday wishes

ah hu~~~ blow out the candles!!!

fallen sick on wednesday... ='( haiz...

last thursday, dann and i caught the movie the punisher at AMK as we were both on MC that day. i was seriously pissed off when i went to buy the tickets. WHAT"S THE POINT OF STATING "POPCORN ONLY" WHEN PEOPLE ARE STILL ALLOWED TO BUY TICKETS AT THAT COUNTER?! freaking brainless! and people queueing a freaking long queue at the TICKETS AND POPCORN COUNTER!!! ARGH!

the movie is great, but just too much blood for me. saddist sia~ no wonder it's rated M18.

after movie, dann and i got a pair of plush toys!

cute huh?! rhino and bolt!!!

then we took a long train ride to somerset to meet steve and dann and i had our very first botak jones's western food at the youth park near cineleisure.

my mini-me fish and chips which is super de-li-cious!!!

dann's cajun chicken burger set with potato salad and cheese baked potato for the side dishes.

after our little bite, we went to heeren as i wanted to go and collect my freshkon alluring contact lens that i've won, that cozycot had sponsored last december.

i got the winsome brown one only one person is only allowed to redeem one pair. so my other so-called voucher is going into the rubbish bin already. lol.

soak my contact lens before wearing them...
dont you feel that they look like wall-e's eyes like that?

and here's how it looks like after putting them on!

brighter eyes in just seconds!!!

so glad to get a pair of freshkon alluring eyes contact lens once again after more than a year's time! i suddenly feel abit not used to having such big eyes once again! hahaha... but really, i love it! but i seriously recommend people to not wear coloured contact lens for daily use as it's seriously horrible (the feeling) as your eyes will get really dry especially if you're someone like me that wears contact lens for like more than 10 hours on average each time. for me, i prefer to wear normal contact lens daily and coloured contact lens only on weekends of special occasion.

after collecting my contact lens, we went over to cineleisure for gerry's birthday celebration!

we went to xin wang hong kong cafe!!! and guess what?

see! bolt and rhino in hong kong!!!

me and my rhino!!!

ok... i cant post the photos of dann with bolt and tizzu!!!
argh~~~ so ya. use your imagination!

and yup! dann and i shared money to get the tigger that i've wanted sinced before christmas as it freakin bell look like dann lah! and dann named it tizzu!!! wahahahaha!!!!!

on sunday, i went to "拜拜" with mok family to my grand parents. ='( i miss 奶奶 and 爷爷 (grandma and grandpa).

after "拜拜", we went to a resturant near my dad's place to also celebrate my 大伯's birthday.

the cake my 姑姐 got for my 大伯 from secret recipe.

ok. it is a chocolate cake and for people who reads my blog like regularly would know that i HATE chocolate cakes. but seriously, this cake is NICE!!! i even took a second serving lor~

*yum yum*

after lunch, i went back to my dad's place after we've gotten pasta for my sis and raymond. well, i spent like 5 hours sleeping at my dad's place after that. STUPID LITTLE-RED-DOT!!!

and by the time my dad was back, it was already 7pm. next we went to raffles city for dinner. we had 四川 food. heehee.... i love the 点心 there!!! and seriously, their herbal tea is also great! one price and it's free flow somemore! hahaha... drank alot. =p

after dinner, i came home and helped my mom to slice the salmon as we were gonna eat 鱼生. hmm... i can only comment that it has never been yummy for years cause my mom always get the pre-packed ones from supermarket and i hate those.

yesterday, i went out shopping with gerry!!! for the first time!!!

but first, we went for lunch first before heading down to far east for shopping.

it's kinda weird that that were a total of 3 people that approached us during our meal and asked if they could have a seat or just asked us to help look after their things.


after lunch, we went down to far east plaza and begin our shopping!!!

i only got 2 things from far east plaza, one cute ribbon clip for only $1.20 and noodle snack for jess.

thought it looks different so i got her this. she've been loving it ever sinced i introduced her the same brand of noodle snack 3 years ago during my birthday chalet at sentosa. hmm... ya... the quite very 失败 one...

gerry bought only one thing and that thing isnt for her own. a keychain, for ezzat... hahaha...

it's quite different shopping with gerry as mostly when i go shopping, no matter who, unless we have a target like to buy something for someone, we will mostly be shopping for ourselevs isnt it? but almost everything, like 99% of the times, gerry was shopping for her sister! hahaha...

dann came to meet us after ball and lunch and stuff. we met at gelare and dann and i shared a chocolate chip waffle but gerry didnt get anything. after waffles, we then went to takashimaya and my main aim to get my new foundation and i wanted to the majolica majorca one or at least the case!!! hahaha... i did do some research online and a certain site states that all shiseido's brands' foundations are made the same size and is able to fit in to one another.

so in the end i only got the majolica mojorca's foundation case and not buying the foundation itself cause i still wasnt able to make up my mind on which foundation should i get.

pretty huh? jus how on earth can you resist it?!

we also went to the sales area at basement 1 of takashimaya and dann got me this!

cutey doll doll!!!

so also went to the ballet shop at orchard plaza!!!

='( i miss ballet~

how i wish i can like turn back time and had never given it up!


next, we went to plaza singapura's daiso and i got myself a cute pair of socks!

DONT WORRY PEOPLE! my feet are only 22.5 cm long! (or short rather...)

and i also got myself the doraemon lanyard that i've wanted for like months!

ang ang ang~!



after walking around awhile, and gerry gotten her calamari rings, we made our way to the food court near orchard plaza.

we met ezzat at the food court and daniel came to join us then we went for pool!

look at the table... they only used half ot the table lor~ what a waste.
(dann's teeth are very white i know)

oh no! freaky photo!!!

haha... joking. just that the person next table walked passed when i snapped the photo.

then the last game was gerry VS me!

guess who won?

MUA!!! ME!!!


ok... gonna blog more photos when dann send me, wonder when is that gonna be.

and today, i did go out for a short shopping for my foundation as you can see, i didnt get it yesterday. and after a night of consideration, i decided to get the ZA one.

i got the limited edition pack one as it's more reasonable and also gotten myself a ZA face pressed powder so that i can use it instead of foundation like any other day. like dann said, he "wants my face to breathe".

so here's my face powder.

i used it just now when i went out to meet dann for dinner and it's like so natural that dann didnt even know that i put anything on my face! really smooth! hahaha...

and here's the foundation pack i bought! i chose the pack with the pink casing as i already had a gold one, the majolica majorca one...

and here's how it looks like with the foundation put in.

BUT! hahaha... i'm using my majolica majorca casing alright!!!

ok. i did read online that the ZA foundation doesnt exactly fit super properly into the majolica majorca's casing and for anyone's info who is also wondering of the same question... yup! it's true. the ZA foundation really doesnt fit in the majolica's case super well. but for me, i like it in the majolica's casing because of that! like i did put the foundation into the ZA original case before and it isnt really very secure. i just flip the case over and the foundation just dropped out! so it is actually good in another way that the ZA foundation is slightly wider for the majolica casing so that it doesnt fall out when it's over turned. so ya, there is pros and cons.

so which casing will you use? well, it's up to you loh~

after coming home, i out soon again to meet dann for dinner. ok. i ate dinner and he used his eye power as he had dinner catered by his company? oh well... i'll miss him. ok. i am missing him already but i wont get to see him tomorrow. meow~

ok. that's all for now people!

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