Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Makeover by Ettusais!!!

yesterday i met up with jess after her paper at orchard.

we first went for lunch at far east plaza where daniel joined us too before he left to wisma whereas jess and i went window shopping around far east plaza before going to isetan scotts for our makeover at the ettusais counter there. if you're wonder where is the ettusais counter at isetan scotts, it's at level 2, just go up the escalator and walk straight in and you will see the ettusais counter in no time!

ok... here's some photos taken before our makeover while also testing out jess's new camera! hahaha... ya... her sony camera had finally given up serving jess like last week after eugenia's 21st birthday chalet.

outside Tangs...

along the way...

and soon we reached the Ettusais's counter!!!

their range for the lips!
(photo taken secretly by jess when the lady was doing my foundation)

and the makeover starts soon once we reached!!!

the lady that helped us with our makeover first helped me to remove all my makeup then followed by skin care before starting with the makeup proper


start on my makeup...

first time getting my eye browns drawn. i felt weird... lol

makeup makeup!!!

and soon after all the interuption is over, my makeover was done and here's my new look for the day!

close-up on my eyes...

i chose a green eyeshadow as i didnt want brown which i like what i use every other day! hahaha... and see!!! my lashes so freaking super lah!!! and THEY ARE MY REAL LASHES!!! NOT EXTENSIONS!!!

and next up is jess's turn!!!

clean clean all the oil and skin care first...

see!!! so clean!!!

start on makeup!

jess's before look

jess's after look

jess chose brown eyeshadow as she didnt want her makeup to be to 夸张.
first time putting brown for her, too!!!

jess's eye's close-up

and yeah! we're all done!!!

okay... and here's the pretty lady Shiya that helped us with our makeover!!!

she so pretty lah!!!

we also got these free samples which was actually used on us for skincare before our makeup during the makeover!

so cute~! mini sized!!! hahaha...

i was like so freaking tempted to get the liquid foundation that was used on me after the makeover to get the rainbow makeup pouch lah! but i didnt... heehee... i just got my ZA foundation okay?

but the foundation is like seriously good lor~ natural and it doesnt really smudge that horribly like my previous foundations where i always get dann's and my clothes stain which seriously isnt a good thing.

guess i shall get that after i'm done with my ZA foundation...! and maybe some other stuff too~ i feel good after the skincare thingy before the makeup!

special thanks to Fidelis for the information for this complimentay makeover by Ettusais. this promotion ends this thursday, 12 feb. for more details, you may refer to Fidelis's post on this complimentary makover here.

so what comes after a pretty makeover?


and next we went over to the white wall near galleria

and then we went ZARA for "window shopping" again!!!

i like this dress...

but i like this dress even more!!!

ok... compare me and jess in the same dress...

the feel so different lah!!! lol

then we went over to MOS at takashimaya for some drinks and fish burger for jess

see! her camera is good~~~ hahahaha...

next up! PARAGON!!!

oh no! i looked into the camera!

ah~ now this's better!

soon after that, jess went home whereas i met dann for dinner before movie. we had botak jones again at the youth park and i realised that mini-me sized meals are just enough for me. i shall NOT buy the regular sized set again. hahaha... i simply cant finish them lor~ though it IS super yummy!!!

while waiting for our dinner to be served, dann posed for a watch ad?!


apple pair that night!
(oh my! i look like a ghost! freaking white lah!)

after dinner, we met daniel, pei di and uncle xiang min before going for the movie.

for me, i feel that it is a great show and is worth watching. it's a sad show and i actually wanted to cry. however, apparently the starting may be quite a bore that people actually fell asleep, snoring, during the start of the movie.

i would rate it 5 stars!!!

after movie, daniel drove us to have pungol nasi lemak for supper. okay... i didnt eat. i only had prawn chee cheong fan. hahahaha...

ok... that's all for now!

good night everyone!

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