Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i suck at make-up, still.

feeling alittle upset on myself, abit down. cause it feels like no matter how hard i'm i trying till now to learn the art of make-up, i'm just not that good at it. someone used to tell me that my eyeliner always smudge onto my lower eyelid, my eyelashes are always stucked together with clumps and stuff and the most common thing even till now, my flashies are always falling off, not being put properly, too short, not of good quality.

well, i seriously know why is it falling off all the time ar... cause i buy cheapo eyelash glue. why? cause i dont wanna spend alot of money on it. if i were to buy all my cosmetics stuff of good quality and stuff, i dont have to eat anymore, nor even take public transport i think. all of my money will just go to my cosmetics.

i know i'm not good at putting on make-up, and suck at putting on flashies, but i am still learning, trying very very hard. i have no one to teach me cause none of my family members put make-up. my close friends dont really put make-up. all i learn from is from tv from 女人我最大, from magazines or online which are only pictures.

i know i'm not like celebraties, famous people, some famous bloggers who so super good at make-up even though they may be years younger than me. i am really trying very hard already. i do so much wanna go for workshops and stuff but who's gonna pay for it? the sickening thing is that many of those workshops stuff are held around end of the month(s) which i'm already broke and dying for my pay to come in (if i worked).

right now, i'm just dying for march to come and see what workshop of whatever that Ettusais is gonna have or cozycot is going hold which various brands. i seriously never get selected to go for workshops for brands that i like and am able to afford and Fasio and ZA. argh~

dying to learn, dying to earn my own money!!!!!

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