Friday, 6 February 2009

Makeover by Ettusais!

gonna share this with all pretties here! even though i am not an ambassador of Ettusais... hahaha... i still like their products and here's your chance to get pretty this Valentine's Day with Ettusais!!!

Ettusais is giving COMPLIMENTARY MAKEOVER at their Ettusais counters till the 12 Feb, Thursday!

well, i've already made my appointment at a counter for jess and i and we're be getting our makeover next week! of course, i'm not gonna tell you which day are we going down cause i seriously do not wish to be stalk or anything! hahaha...

anyway, back to the topic -- Ettusais's makeover.

NOT ONLY is ettusais giving out COMPLIMENTARY MAKEOVERS, they are also giving out FREE SAMPLES!!!

but of course, you have to say the MAGIC PASSWORD to get the free samples! and shh... i'll tell you the password. the password is "Fidelis"!!! (pronouced as fi-del-lis)

for more details, head over to Fidelis's blog here, NOW!!!

here's the promotions for Ettusais this month!

(screenshot from

all images' credits of this post goes to Ettusais and theluckiestchick-

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