Wednesday, 11 February 2009

All women please stand up!!!
it's time for Nike Zoom Sister One+

Having researched and understood women’s sporting headway, Nike Women recognizes that it is essential to create a product designed specifically for women’s multi-directional training. The Nike team aims to further enhance training in lightweight support, assuring a more confident and sturdy sports experience.

Inspired by the dynamic movements of today’s women, Nike Women has just launched the latest product this Spring, the Nike Zoom Sister One+.

The pinnacle of Nike’s Sister Series collection of footwear, the Nike Zoom Sister One+ is a bold shoe that incorporates some of Nike’s most innovative technologies- DiamondFLX and Fylwire to deliver a youthful style and colourful excitement without compromising on performance. Its DiamondFLX technology allows athletes to increase muscular strength of selected muscles while helping to increase foot flexibility for more effective training.

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The above is designed with Fylwire, a performance architecture that uses very thin and incredibly strong fibers to support the foot. Adding on to being light weight, it helps improve stability. Exercising on wet grounds can be much more manageable now!

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Log on to now to create you vey own Nike Mini where you get to keep track of your own training! Click on the button that is shown below on the webpage to start creating your Nike Mini!!!

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Let's Get Started!!!

Firstly, customise you very own Nike Mini!!!

this is how i normally dress during my dance practices which includes running ever week!!! My instructor is NOT HUMAN!!!

of course i wont leave my Nike Mini looking as though it's gonna faint anytime!!!

here's my end product of my Nike Mini!!! (hopefully one day i can run looking like that!)

Next, after you've customised your Nike Mini, it's time to select your training course!

for core, strength or cardio?

for me, i chose strength!

okay.. you're almost done... just 2 more steps!

Set the start date of your training and also your workout level.

and Lastly, invite your friends to join you and be your personal cheering squad!

and Let's all work out together!!!

wait! there's more!!!

If you own a iPhone, you can get your Nike Training Club Application installed in you iPhone itself!

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and one day i would be as strong as my Nike Mini!!!

credits of all pictures' related to Nike used goes to

Nike Zoom Sister One+,
The ultimate training shoe for women


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