Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Celebrate this Valentine's Day at Swensen's

hi there everyone!

today when i went to work, the first thing i notice at the outlet was all the pretty and sweet decors put up for this valentine's day! for the past 2 years, there werent much decor being put up except for all the heart-shaped balloons being put up all over the place, this year the decor seriously is so good! hahaha...

ok... here's 3 photos that i took secretly cause usage of phones are not allowed during work time alright...

see all the heart-shaped stuff hanging all over the place!

small heart-shaped balloons on the bars which will also be given out to customers who order the special valentine's day set meal. (details of set meal at the bottom of this post)

look at the lamp!!! all of them have this heart-shaped card hanging on it!!!

ok... i'm not too sure about this year but when i worked on valentine's day 2 years back, we actually had all the tables separated to seats for 2 only and every table has one flower balloon sculpture and a small candle. the lights are also being dimmed that day (and the night before) for more mood. hahaha... for once then i felt that swensen's isn't a family restaurant! hahaha...

ok... so here's the menu if you're thinking of having a meal with your love one this coming friday or saturday!

(click to enlarge)

for this promotion set meal, it is $68++ per couple.
(set meal for 2)

each set meal includes:
1 side dish from the A la Carte menu
2 main course from the A la Carte menu
2 yogurt smoothies, coffee or tea
1 special valentine's day ice cream cake which serves 2 person!

there are 2 choices for the valentine's day ice cream cake -- Be Mine and Lovingly Yours

Be Mine -- Peachy Mango Ice Cream with crumble bits, topped with peach chunks, strawberries and blueberries.

Lovingly Yous -- Delicious creamy chocolate ice cream with pitted cherries, generously topped with strawberries and mixed berries.

for each set meal that you order, you will also received a "Love Pack"** which includes:
a free photo to be taken and printed instantly
a heart-shaped balloon which is super cute!!!!
and a discount voucher for the chocolate fondue

ok... my colleague actually went to calculate the actual price of the meal IF you were to order the most expensive items on the menu and it is seriously very worth it. the total cost is already more than $72 even before she could key in the ice cream cake and some other more stuff which i forgot what was it already.

if you would like to take a look at the menu first, you may click here. just a slight note, items that can be ordered with this set meal is only under the food menu since drinks are somehow standardised with the yogurt smoothies which could not be found on the swensen's website.

for people who may wanna get a dinner or lunch at swensen's but intend to celebrate at say vivo city or how-would-i-know changi airport, you may wanna visit Earle Swensen's instead!

(click to enlarge)

at Earle, each set meal is at $88++ which includes:
2 main courses
buffet salad bar
2 glasses of True Love (mixed strawberry and lime sparkling drink)
1 special valentine's day ice cream cake

each set was includes "Pampering Love Treats"** which includes:
spa vouchers, complimentary chocolate vouchers and more!

what if you only wanna get the ice cream cake? no worries! they are being sold that $16.90 each! and what's more? special privileges for valentine's day ice cream cake!

there is 10% off the valentine's day ice cream cake for HSBC credit cardholders!
and who says that only people who have credit cards get privileges?!
come on full-time students of junior colleges, polytechnics, NTU and NUS! take your student pass out, flash it! and you also get 10% off for the valentine's day ice cream cake!

not forgetting swensen's own members of course!

all cool rewards and kids club members get 15% off the valentine's day ice cream cake!

so no more worried about budget and stuff for a nice meal with your love ones!

you may check out swensen's website here for more information.

**All "Love Pack" and "Pampering Love Treats" are while stock last only!

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