Friday, 27 February 2009

tired Trix.

ok... i have so much to blog about from my sentosa trip 3 weeks ago, my stepmom's birthday celebration, the wonderful buffet dinner like 2 weeks ago, nike singapore's official opening (though isnt alot on it), dance work 09 category 1, a day out with my jmd batch people (though not all was here), my craze on reading magazine (again), my first experience of clubbing, the decor i helped my sister last weekend and some others (i think).

but now, i am just super tired after uploading the photos to my lappy, selecting photos to be blogged, simple editing and uploading to my picasaweb album. for me i prefer to upload all the photos that are to be blogged soon in my picasaweb album first and not uploading by blogger or uploading using picasa's application (though i have it installed) as i can only upload 5 photos each time which will take me super duper long time lah~! plus, not only the time to get them all uploaded, think of the time needed to organise them into one post! oh my goodness lah!

okay~ that's all for now. have to go and sleep soon if not i'm so gonna be late for work (again) later! but i'm sure gonna post them up (or as much as possible) before i leave to shen zhen for me short vacation.

ok. 3am. really gotta go.

good night everyone!

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