Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Love Droplets Decors - Part 1
Nick & Rebecca's Wedding

good morning everyone!

OK... love droplets just uploaded some photos of the decor i helped my sis, AKA the boss, with last month. and here's 3 of 5 of the decors i helped my sis with in that 2 days last December.


Church Decor on Saturday morning

the view of the ttc chapel

corsage in orange!

corsage in yellow!!!

the money holder, or rather known as ang bao (hong bao) box to some people.

overall view of the church after decorating

the pews decorated!!! heehee... i helped okay~

the pew flowers close-up shots

the flowers stand

and a close-up of the flowers of the flowers stand

the altar table's center piece

the mother's bouquet(s) for both sides of the parents

Dinner Decor on Saturday night @ Min Jiang Restaurant

the theme flower used for this decor -- orchid!

the view of the outdoor dinning area

the decor used for outdoors

close-up on outdoor decor

decor for indoor dinning area

close-ups on the fan used of both outdoor and indoor decor
(the photos are taken of the fans indoor)

and more fans indoor!

dinning tables' setting
(photo taken is of a table indoor)

rose petals to set the mood at the reception area

the cupcakes for guest at the cupcakes table
(cupcakes were ordered by the couples their own)

Lunch Decor on Sunday noon @ Surbia in Sentosa

the overall view of the place after decor

the flowers on the reception table

a view of the flower arrangements
(these are used on the flower stands)

and TADA! they are now on the flower stands!

a close-up view

overall view of the dinning area

guests' tables settings

close-up on the table center piece

how? like them? interested?

you can check out the tempory multiply website here for more details and photos of other weddings' or events' photos.

If you would like to make an enquiry about Love Droplets' wedding decor service, hand bouquets, favors, corsage, ang bao holders, etc just drop an email to

All photos on this post is credited to Love Droplets.
Please do not copy and reuse them in anyways.
All Rights Reserved.

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