Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Transporter 3

ok... this is gonna be a short post.

last night I met up with Dann after his work. we went for dinner and some shopping where Dann got me 1 top from Mango, 1 top, 1 belt and 2 dresses from Marc Jacob!!! not only that, Dann got me NikeID Tee that he printed himself oh!

so sweet~ but after reading that message on that piece of paper i felt stress.
WAIT! not felt! i still feel stress now!!!

after shopping and stuff, we walked back to cineleisure to cathc Transporter 3!

one thing i'm proud of myself, I DIDNT SLEEP!!!!
ok. side story here. i went to watch Red Cliff 2 with my sis, raymond, my dad and stepmom on monday. and guess what, i fell asleep!!! not only that, i fell asleep when the war started! what the bell! and no one wake me up! sadded!!! who wanna watch Red Cliff? jio me!!! hahahaha..

ok. back to Transporter 3. nice movie. but Dann feel sthat the first 2 movies are better. i've never watched the first 2 movies, so i cant compare. for people who had watched all 3 movies, how do you feel?

after going home, Dann sent me the photos he took on Saturday of me.

ching~! how? hahahaha...

ok. gonna end here. i still have my presentation to prepare.
see you peeps!

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