Monday, 12 January 2009

ambassador no more!

finally!!! NYP Open House 09 had ended!!! and that means no more tour guide duty for me! wahahahaha...

wednesday, the day before open house.

all selected people had this briefing quite last minute and we've gotten one stack of briefing notes which i havent even taken a look of it even till now. and also we've gotten our open house 09 t-shirts.

first day, thursday!

the first day of my duty too~ reported at the command centre at 12nn and that was seriously a disaster! a small room with away too many people! while waiting for or assigned school to arrive at around 2.30pm, the 5 of us went down to the auditrium to find Jun Hong who's at the SEG booth and we took a photo with the what high speed camera thingy that Jun Hong was presenting to visitors.

where's Jun Hong?! well, he was operating the computer alright. lol. after taking the photo, then Jun Hong was like, "then me leh!?"

after putting our printed out photos in the lab, we went back to the carpark to wait for the arrival of the students. brought this group of students to SEG, SIDM and SHS. seriously, the engineering site was the worst! the place is like freaking small and super jam-packed with people that you couldnt even walk a single step lor~!

SIDM was alright but it was kinda disappointing as the F1 racing game was like hanging and hanging. lastly we went to SHS. seriously everyone was actually quite bored and stuff already by then but once we've reached SHS, things got better. the tour there is super organised and really, you really get to learn some stuff there even. but there's just one thing -- dolls. argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun Hong joined Yong Jun, Leon and I at SHS. well, i freaking bell couldnt take it and waited outside of the room. Jun Hong~! still wanna be father ma? ok. details not gonna be blogged.

as this group of students did not have bus service back, our job was pretty much much simple. after sending the students to the atrium, we told them about what's in the auditorium, way home and stuff before "dismissing" them. afterwhich, the guys went to the lab whereas for me, i went to E317 to meet up with JMD peeps before their last performance of the day.

ok. i cant comment on their performance as i seriously am confused of which performance is which. so i shall just let it be. wahahahaha...

after their performance, i went to sign my attendance at the command centre before getting my stuff at the lab, then go back to E317 for JMD debriefing.

me in Dann's Nike SB cap after duty!!! heehee...

Gerry, Dann, Ezzat, Steve and I went down to Khatib for dinner! yum yum!!! but was abit sad cause the auntie gave me bee hoon instead of kway teow which i asked for! haiz.. never mind. it still taste good~

after dinner, Ezzat and Steve stayed to play magic cards in Khatib, Gerry went home and Dann and I went home to watch TV!!! wahahahaah~~~~ Dont forget the lyrics!!! the girl can sing! wahahahaha... sadlly she only won $5000. More than words is an easy song~ meow~

second day, friday!

reported as usual at the command centre. but this time, instead of waiting at the commnand centre, Yong Jun, Kenneth and I went to the carpark to wait by ourselves instead. heehee... this time we went to the business side's carpark. though we still had to wait quite a long time before getting assigned to tour some students around, we had proper chairs to sit at least! and Yong Jun was showing us some of his magic tricks as we waited. that LAO QIAN! hahahaha... after some time, Kenny joined us after typing 4 of 5 pages of coding given by his supervisor.

soon, we were assigned to bring this 2 groups of students. we were supposed to bring them all together so there were a total of more than 40 students! and seriously, this group of students is just freaking horrible, irresponsible! to think that they are already 16/17 this year?!

first we went for the tour at SBM. when we we reached the shopping aracade, i had people missing. thankfully i saw 2 guys walking into cheers but i found like 6-7 guys in there buying drinks where no one told them they could. ok, if they want to we wont not allow them to either but they didnt tell anyone at all! everyone had moved on to the next place and just imagine what would happen if no one noticed the some guys had gone missing?!

next we went to SCLS, and there was another disaster! haiz... and the worst was at SIT. we let the students see the exhibtions at the rooms and one girl actually just went out of the building without telling anyone! if it wasnt for her classmate shouted out for her, no one would have known that someone had just left the class! i immediately ran our after her and i couldnt find that girl anywhere at all! i asked the people around bring tour also, and even a group of guys studying but no one saw her at all! i asked her classmates to call her and that girl didnt bring her phone with her! oh my goodness! fortunately she came back on herself. *phew!*

and if you think that that's the end of the problems cause by this group of students as that's the last stop of their tour, YOU ARE SUPER DUPER UPER WRONG!

well, the 4 of us were actually worried that they would be late upon the time that we were supposed to meet as we had to bring them back to the bus,horror~, things just aint ending that simple.

after leaving the students, letting them go on their own to take a look at th various courses and stuff at the auditorium and told them to meet us back there at the atrium at 5.10pm. i went to the theater of arts to SJCC's booth whereas the guys went to kou fu for a drink.

i met them at kou fu before going back to the audtorium to fetch the students. and not a single soul was to be found! Kenny and I waited at the atrium whereas Kenneth and Yong went searching for those students. not a single on was at the atrium where we were supposed to meet, not a single on was in the auditorium, not a single one was at the fast food canteen, they were certainly not at kou fu nor the theater of arts either!

thankfully Yong Jun called Boon Kai who was in-charged at the carpark and apparently their teacher has already set a time to meet the students at a certain location at 5pm!!! argh~ freaking bell no instructions, message, information was being passed down to us. we were only told to send them back to the carpark by the allocated time, stated on the guides' paper which states 5.30pm clearly!

freaking bell!!!!!!

after getting out attendance signed at the command centre, we then went back to our labs to get our stuff.

after getting my stuff, i went back to SJCC's booth while waiting for Gerry.

take a look at the shrine our SJCC memebers did for this year's open house!

take a closer look! the bell can really be pulled and there's really sound one lor~!

here's a close-up of the flowers on the shrine done by our origami members!

and Gerry and i prayed! lol

throw you money in!

pull the bell!

clap your hands twice!

and ommmmmmm~~~~ pray!

and it's Gerry's turn!



ok. we did not exactly did those but that's the procedure you have to do when you go to one japanese temple. it feels stupid really doing all those to pieces of cardboard. hahahaha... but really i saw some of our SJCC members did that and Ban Theng is one of them! all the money shall go to club fund! hahahahaha....

Ying Jia was playing with thescary looking tiger on the table and here's what she did with it eventually.

tiger watching JMD's Natsu 2008 Performance video! hahahaha....

had dinner with Gerry at north canteen. school was opened till late due to the night open house thingy. so we actually got to have quite a nice meal even though we went to north canteen around 7pm plus.

after dinner, we went back to the booth and had a talk with Vicky and Xin Yan. mainly JMD stuff. wahahahaha~

we left school at 9pm. ok, Gerry and I were supposed to go shopping for Gerry's slippers but *ahem*. 9pm liao~ shop what sia~ and sinced we were quite tired then already, we decided to home. on our way back, Dann say he's coming up to TPY soon. so ok... that means that i'll be meeting Dann. and soon after the sms from Dann, Ezzat called Gerry and told her to meet at MOS in 15mins time. seriously, Gerry and i thought that there will only be Dann and Ezzat that will be joining us, but it ended up Xiang Min and Jaeson joined us too!!! hahaha CHANGE TO BIGGER TABLE!!!

third day, saturday!

yeah! no duty for the whole day!!! happy to go back to school as a SJCC member and not some NYP tour guide. lol

met Gerry at TPY mrt station first before going to school. and as expected (a little), Gerry was late.

that's me waiting for Gerry at the mrt station in my christmas present -- my wind runner!!! and totally make-up-less!!! hahaha... but i did my hair when i was at home. hahaha...

so after going to school, we first went to the clubroom so that i can wear "my" yukata. and Elieen was the one that helped me tie the yukata lor~ ok. for your information here, Elieen HATES YELLOW! and i wore a YELLOW YUKATA!!!

here's me after wearing "my" yukata and with make-up done too!

and here's the side view of my hairdo for the day!

after getting done with my yukata, Tio with her costume, all of us that's at the clubroom went down to the booth. but soon, Gerry and I went to the atrium to watch performances! and there we met Jess!

i look fierce in this photo!

yeah! i like this photo better~! hahahaha....

and yuhu! Jess seriously improved! congrats! wahahahahaha~
ok... shall do a overall comment on various dance performances from various groups at the later part of this post.

after watching the performances by FBodz, then JMD, Gerry and I went back to the room. the rest had went for their lunch already so in the room there were only Xiang Min, Jaeson, Gerry and I, dancing to dances that we've learnt before. ok. i was freaking restricted and careful as i was wearing that $200 plus yukata!!! hahahaha... Jaeson didnt dance though. so we danced while waiting for Dann and Daniel to come back after their swim and shower.

after they came back, we went to north canteen for a quick lunch as Dann was rushing for work. meow~

after lunch, Daniel sent Dann to work and the rest of us just hang around the booth area. and guess what we found at the theater of arts?!

Elizabeth!!! from some anime MoMo told me but i've forgotten the name of it already. *Smack my own head*

Gerry with Elizabeth!

Trix with Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth was momo actually. poor momo had to hold the umbrella for the whole day!!!

and momo gets tired~

elizabeth sleeps~~~ hahahaha!!!

and someone else took over the role of Elizabeth!

can you guess who it is?


*hint: note the height of this Elizabeth*


and the answer is:

GERRY!!!! hahahaha...
that's Gerry in Azmah's pink shades which she used for cosplay that day.

and see what this Elizabeth did to uncle xiang min~!

it wanted to eat uncle xiang min up!!!
*munch munch*

but the again, you cant blame Gerry for eating Xiang Min up as he hid right infront of Elizabeth to hide from sensei who was standing right behind Elizabeth! hahahaha...

so after all these, it was almost time for performances again. so we made our way to the atrium. but we did go to the auditorium first to find Fook Yu who was on duty at the SIDM booth there.

got to watch Stage Arts's, JMD's and FBodz's performances all in a roll.

for Stage Art's performances, i feel disappointed after watching it. especially the 12 Lotus (12 lian hua) part is a serious turn off. i remember when i first watched it on Friday, the 2nd day of open house, i left like 2 seconds after i hear that hokkiean song being played. seriously~ arg~!

Ballroom, well, i still like that girl most that i've spotted the other time during lunch time performance.

FBodz performances for this open house was good. especially the Locking dance (the first dance with Juna, Tyron and another guy) was great! GO JUNA! but i really didnt
enjoy the B-Boy part. i do feel that two of the BBoys were not bad, one in the hoodie and another guy. but no matter what, i feel that the "lead" of that part of FBodz's performance is the worst. no personal feelings involved. just simply what i feel about the performance.

JMD, i can only say that the last one is the best out of all. but which isnt really very good either. i am still disappointed at Yosakoi, and feel abit down as i've told many juniors many a times things to look out for but it seems like everything i've said aint important. i will not comment on singing as i personal feel that i also have a certain level of responsibilty to the outcome of it. all i have to say is "Sorry".

ok. end of my comments for this open house's dance performances. didnt get to really watch dance company's one so i cant say anything either.

at around 6pm like that, Gerry and I went back to the clubroom as i wanted to change out badly. i wanna feel free!!! hahahaha...

top view of my hair after a whole day

back view of my hair

side view of my hair

and before going back to E318 for JMD debriefing and stuff, play with Azmah's shades!!!!!

heehee... my world was SO PINK!

went back to the room, well we discussed about club crawl while waiting for Ezzat to come for proper debriefing. after debriefing, well, a few broke down. the rest sat down and had their "meeting" while Lue Song, Fook Yu and I went siao with the song Boys and Girls by Ayumi Hamasaki. no details. it shall remain as a insider joke. wahahahahaha~~~~~!!!!!!

had super late dinner st S11 before going home.

meow~ that's the end of Open House 2009!!!!

anyone remember me mentioning that i was shortlisted as ettusais brand's ambassador? well, i ended me student ambassador thingy on friday, and so was that hope of mine of being ettusais's ambassador for the year. ok, actually i already know that a few days before ettusais actually sent me an email as Dann told me that Fidelis was selected. you can check out her blog, theluckiestchick- here.

so ya, no being ambassador for ettusais for me alright! meow~ ok, i'm already done with being sad and stuff already that day Dann told me. oh well, i did expect that outcome anyway~ wahahahahaha!

i've received a tag from someone who named him/herself "yourplasticface" scolding me vuglarites.
i just wanna say here, i do not photoshop my face into someone i freaking not! even if i do, that's because i'm trying out some stuff. i do not do that on every single one of my photos! if you feel that my face is plastic and fake and dislike my face or whatever in anyway, then please click on the red X button on the top right of the window or press Alt + F4 to close this window. thank you!

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