Thursday, 8 January 2009

once upon a time, it started raining gum balls...

yo~ on tuesday after my FYP, i went down to meet dann at the shop to get something for him before making my way down to the Cathayto get the tickets for dann, xiang min and i. after getting the tickets, i went to walk around plaza singapura while waiting for dann to end his work.

after dann had arrived, we went to the food court at plaza singapura for indonesian food!!! and when we were queueing, we met emily and her boyfriend and we all sat together to have our dinner. soon after we had finished our dinner, xiang min arrived. then we went to carrefor to get some snacks and drinks before dann, xiang min and i went to the cathay and emily and her boyfriend went up to the cinema at plaza singapura.

when we arrived at the cathay, we first went to the basement for some shinlin XXL chicken and chat chat as we were still early for the movie.

and the time is here... time for...

seriously, i love the movie! so funny lah!!! and you should totally see uncle xiang min in the cinema, we totally rolled into a ball laughing his head off lah!

oh ya! uncle xiang min bought the caramel popcorn at the popcorn shop at the basement and it taste super good! only that it aint those warm kind of popcorn as it is already ready packed. and the packaging so super duper cute in the pink and black strips box!

it just love the gum balls part~ wahahahaha

and there's even a wallpaper for your desktop!

heehee... ok.. i changed the wallpaper of the desktop i'm using in the lab during FYP to this liao.


rating for this movie: 5 STARS!!! for me of course~ wahahaha

ok... we went home after the movie as it was already late like passed 11pm already~ so ya. that's all! wahahahaha...

and today is the first day of NYP's Open House 2009. and yes, dear me will be helping out for Open House for today and tomorrow. haiz... hope it will be fun, i just hope so...

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