Friday, 2 January 2009

Trixy the Vampire.

well, i've just been playing with photoshop after coming for lunch while doing my project too at the same time. (like switching here and there that kind)

so anyway, i played with the photo i uploaded last night as that's like 1 of the 3 photos i like that i've taken this year! AKA yesterday...

but if you forget and lazy to scroll down, here's the original photo (after basic edited last night)

ok... basically yesterday i made myself slimmer and made the contrast of photo to maximum last night as i like the effect of it being in the dark and having a warm feeling.

firstly i started playing, find tips online on how to make hair shiny! and here's the end product of it.

i made only my hair shiny and didnt touch the rest of the photo. well, i think that it's a bad choice of demo photo to be used as there aint really like much hair for me to edit.

next i started out playing with contact lens!!!

ok.. while playing with making the color of my eye change to blue and etc etc, i came by red and it suddenly made me wanna transform the human me in this photo into a vampire trix.

and here's the end product.

so i re-did the hair to make it abit gray like an old woman (hahaha), grey contact lens cause some vampire in "my date with a vampire" has grey eyes and i feel that it quite nice. plus! i've always wanted to try having grey contact lens. (hahahaha....) made the earring slightly shinnier, blurred my clothes a little. and of course! what's a vampire without it's vampire teeth!!!??? so yup i added in a vampire tooth at the location where i do have a some-how-vampire-tooth. (my tooth at that exact location is slightly longer and not in line with my other teeth)

ok. so here's the overall of what i did today, it's before and after editing photos.

how? what do you think? does it really look like a vampire? heehee..

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