Monday, 12 January 2009

Vampire Fantasy~

The storybook I would love to be trapped in


I've always been like super crazy about vampires, and still am now.

just imagine how would it be like to meet a vampire, or even his/her family?

imagine the feeling, being the only living thing around a group of non-living things... freaky, but exciting too (to me)!

and imagine even falling in love with one!

cool~ heehee...
OK. i love my human boyfriend okay?

but just imagine how cool it could be if you get to meet a vampire, be friends with a vampire, fall in love in one, and have a vampire boyfriend that's like so handsome too like Edward Cullen?!

he's so fast he could save you just a life threatening situation that you wouldn't even have a second to have the thought that you're gonna die the next second.

he'll bring to the places that you could get the best view of nature

however, it will sure be difficult to catch him if he's deliberately running away from you.

though i do wonder how does a vampire feels and stuff, but i do still wanna meet one vampire one day if they really do exist. but i seriously do not wanna turn into a never dying non-living thing. i so do not wanna see all my loved ones living me one by one, leaving me all alone on this planet waiting for the day i can die.

but in a story like Twilight, if i'm Belle, i so wanna be a vampire and be with my love forever. so, BITE ME EDWARD!



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