Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New layout!

ok... yup i changed my layout alittle again. hahaha... (but i seriously have the feeling i'll change it again soon)

just trying out new photo format for this layout. i think there's seriously more to be improved. but oh well, here's some first!

Friday, Karaoke!!!

Saturday, i owned them all!!!

the yummy strawberries and cherries at mok family pot luck dinner!!!
i look the strawberries LOOK sour, but seriously, they dont taste a single bit of sour at all!!! it's like SUPER DUPER UPER SWEET!!!!

and yes my sister "forced" me to play hotel with her and raymond.
and start of the game where nothing was build up at. ok... it isnt really the starting. we started playing just awhile when the photo above was taken.

and when everyone else is bankrupt EXCEPT MUA!!! wahahahaha!!!!

all the land deeds in my hand!!! wahahahaha!!!
everyone else was forced to sell their land to pay for their "stay" at my hotels!!!
*evil laughter*

and here's all the moo-la in my hand!!!! ok. that aint my hand in the photo. it's my sister's. hahahaha....

Sunday, day out with JinJin!!!

chicken little as a skincare product's salesman. jin and i went over wanted to take photo with it but the chicken told jin to try their products first before taking photos. well, we did try the products (on jin's hand) but we left without taking photos with that chicken cause we felt kinda awkard after testing their product. it's some dead skin removal thingy which i think was just al...right only. jin couldnt see the difference on her hand though. so ya, just walk away ba.

during dinner, jin's pasta was served first. look at her expression! cant blame me for putting that bubble there right~ hahaha...

so this is jin's pasta, dinner of the day

and here's mine! wahahahaha~~~~ yummy!!!!!!

ok... that's all for the past few days. not much photos worth blogging up ba... sadly i didnt take any photos with kathy or ign or darz on thursday during our dinner.

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