Friday, 16 January 2009

rush rush rush

another short post here.

yesterday after FYP, i met Dann in school first. i call him octopus, cause he was carrying alot of things. hahahaha!!! like as if he has alot of hands, arms like that!

after meeting Dann, we went to Yishun and met his mom for dinner at that usual place we eat chilli crab at. the food is great! and this time we had some other food that i've never eaten (there) before! their cereal prawns is great! no shell! wahahahaha~ you can seriously taste the butter and the prawn without even peeling the shell off lor~! Dann's mom also ordered this chicken which looks and taste and feels like roast pig! hahaha... yummy anyway! heehee...

after dinner, we went back to Dann's place and yes! watch TV! ahahaha... we also watched american idol and it like so amazing i feel that people actually dont mind doing all those stupid silly things on national TV!

Dann took a photo of me as i dressed nicer yesterday? heehee...

ok.. i was trying to pose like Fidelis. post on her blog here

i know~ i cant pose well and i kinda failed even trying to copy a pose.

currently, my posing still sucks!

ok, that's all for now.
gonna get to my report and get it done by 4pm hopefully.


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