Monday, 19 January 2009

my dream,
JMD's nightmare

i had a dream last night. and this dream seriously is scary and frightening to JMD members, or rather me.

i dreamt that the current batch is using the song the used for open house for their performance for hip-hop for upcoming club crawl performance but just that they are choreo-ing another dance for it. in my dream, i told them off, and scolded them but apparently all of them especially one person totally disagree with what i say and was very angry and stuff about it, about me.

in my dream, jia hui was choreo-ing with them very unwillingly but still do so because she doesnt want JMD to fall and stuff. G4 wasnt in the dream at all. the choreo the current batch did was horrible and many steps were just copy and paste from the origianl choreo that ban theng and bryan had choreoed for this song for open house which was just passed like 2 weeks ago.

after scolding them, telling them what is wrong, what is not good and stuff, and with their horrible attitude, i totally gave up on them. apparently in the dream, they were practising in this house, a flat that belongs to dann. and after them all getting so freaking angry and pissed off of what i said and told them, they all just wanted to leave the place but as what dann had told me to tell them before me going to that flat, that place, i told them that dann has actually given them the place to practise so they can still practise there, continue to do whatever they want there. as for me, i just turn around and went straight out of the door after telling them whatever that dann wanted me to.

i do not know what this dream means but i know it will definetly not be a dejavvu as dann does not own a place that looks that the one i saw in my dream. but i seriously feels that this dream means something, something that is really happening now.

so, what do you feel? JMDians...

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