Friday, 16 January 2009

the last day,
the last post

(worried me rushing my report just now)

hey everyone, today is the last day of my FYP and here's gonna be the last post i blog using this PC that i've been using for the past 15 weeks, named sydney05. dont ask me why, cause i'm not the one that named this PC this name.

i'm almost done with everything that i have to do and all i'm left now is to burn everything into the CD and hand it up to my supervisor.

oh well, i kinda feel a little sad now thinking of what i've been through. hahaha... the friends i've made in this lab be it those in A1 path or A3 path. especially the super talkative jun hong that ended his FYP 3 weeks ago. hahahaha...

ok. ending here. gonna check if everything's fine before burning my project out and handing it in to my supervisor.

have a good day everyone!

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