Monday, 1 August 2011

I dislike leeches.

A sudden thought I got last night while showering. Yes, showering.

Suddenly was reminded about a camp I had in a forest camp site in JB back when I was Secondary 3 for my combined uniform groups' camp. I won't do the math... Wanna know how many years ago that is, go do the math yourself.

So back to leeches and why was I reminded of camp?

Cos during the camp, one of my friends freaked out like mad when she discovered a leech on her leg during shower.

It's freaking disgusting lah! And when we managed to 'save her' from the leech, the leech let go of her leg and left her leg bleeding. We had no choice but to get one of our teachers to take care of the wound cos it was bleed pretty badly.

So yes! I dislike leeches.

What they do is to leech onto you and suck your blood. When they're done with you, they'll let you go. Soon when they're hungry, again, they're go find a new target and there goes a repeating cycle. They may seem small and harmless but when they've sucked enough blood out of you, they may get even waaaay bigger than you can ever imagine!
But of course, if the leech were to meet not-so-fearful-people like me, they usually end up dead.
Side note, insect repellent brand "Off" is good! Although it doesn't really keeps the mosquito away nowadays, it sure kills leeches!

Ya.. We did a small experiment with everyone's different brand of insect repellent during our walk in the forest one of the days in camp then. Lol~
Oki! That's all for this random post!

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  1. It's "leeches", dear. Haha

  2. Anonymous:
    aha! You see~ I knew there's spelling mistakes! =p

  3. oh I haven't seen one before but my mom dislike leeches, too! and yes, i'm a frequent Off user xDD



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