Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getaway @ Batam

Hi everyone!

Here's a super delayed post.
Okay~ I actually have quite a lot of delayed posts that I have to clear.
So... I'm sorry if I'm gonna flood you. Lol!

On the 16th of July, I had a little short holiday at Batam and that's me on the ferry.

Super sad that my cupcake nail broke the night before.
But guess what? The night I was back, another nail broke. Omg~

So once I reached there, I went to the resort that I would be spending my night at.

The Harris Resort

It is actually quite nice a place!

After checking in, I headed over to the shopping area Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Don't mistook it. I was in Batam. Not Japan. Lol!

Ok~ Not funny. =X

Had lunch at A&W!!!

A&W Bear!

Ok~ I didn't take much photos that day as I really wasn't in the mood.


Cos some horrible idiot stole my wallet!
OMG! I had like almost $100SGD in my wallet lah!
PLUS!!! My identification card and Ezlink card and Debit card in it!


The only photo I snapped during dinner.
There was ALOT of food and *ahem* I ate quite *ahem* alot, too.

Random - Stuff that I brought along with me for my one night at Batam

Of course, my toothbrush and toothpaste were in the bathroom.

Entertainment for the night, Singapore TV.
Was watching Channel U, waiting for 你猜你猜你猜猜猜

Next morning~

Woke up early and got ready to go for massage!

While waiting for the time, I was watching Mulan on Disney Channel!
Heehee~ DO NOT call me childish or what-so-ever-not

Me with my semi-wet hair waiting for checkout after massage!

Oh my~ The massage was AWESOME!!!


Checked out and waiting for the bus to the ferry terminal to arrive

View from the beach side bar/cafe

Camwhored a bit

Oki! That's all for this post.
Sorry but my mood isn't that good thinking back on this trip cos I LOST MY WALLET!!!
Ok. I will no longer rant about it anymore so the previous sentence will be the very last time I rant about it.

Peace out!



  1. looks really like a nice trip :D sorry to hear about the nail and wallet :(

  2. You went with .... ??

  3. Anonymousへ
    I went with a friend but my friend doesn't want to be mentioned. =)

  4. I went to Harris not too long ago too! It was a nice and relaxing trip. Loved the staff there.

    Hope you didn't lose too many irreplaceable items in your wallet.



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