Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dinner @ Thai Express + Freshel BB Cream Review

2 weeks back (if I didn't remember wrongly), I met the babes for dinner!

Ok~ I shall name us the TSS group since we have Elfaine, also labelled as 'TheSampleStore Girl' by someone online. Lol
And ya, TSS was the reason why we got got together in the first place so.. oh well!

Tried colourful eyeshadow that night! Heehee~

What do you think of it?

Ringo and Himeko camhworing away

Waiting for nom nom

Some mango blend I ordered which I totally regretted!

OH! This Tom Yam Crayfish Glass Noodle is MAD LOVE!!!

Domo who posed for this shot.

*shh~ I have a very unglam photo of her.
Anyone wanna bid to buy the photo? Lol*

With Yijing after dinner

So! As it was only a dinner outing, I wore only Kanebo Freshel White BB Cream and CandyDoll Mineral Powder out!

I really love the texture of this BB cream unlike many others that I've tried before which feels super oily after 1-2 hours of application.
The Kanebo Freshel BB cream has a really matter finish and as compared to other BB creams, it's also lighter a shade.


Here's a group shot of the night to end of this short post!

Gonna be back blogging again soon!
OMG~ Looking at the list of things I have to blog on..

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. aw you girls all look really cute :3 I love your eyemakeup!

  2. everyone looks soo pretty! *whispers* but you be the prettiest! i love your hair and your cutie patootie hat!i really want to try out candy doll mineral but it's just so expensive here! D:

  3. Wow you guys seems to have a lot of fun~! Did you get slimmer? You look skinner!

  4. i love reading your blog! i can relate to all the things you write about, and i love your posts about food hahah :) i hope you continue writing

  5. Saving Capuletへ
    Hehee.. Thank you!
    I was wearing my Prisila wig that day.
    I feel that the CandyDoll miner powder is expensive in general, be it where you live. ='(

    Yea great fun! Yes, I did slim down a bit. =)

    Thank you! Yea I will continue to blog and post more about food! Haha~ Another post with food coming up soon!



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