Sunday, 21 August 2011

My New L♥VE Hair Colour @ Artica

Hello everybody!!!

Last week I headed over to Artica to get my new hair colour done and yes I'm finally blogging on my new hair colour proper on my blog!

If you've seen the photo I posted on my Facebook Page, you may think that it's black but actually it's not.

So here's my day spent at Artica last week!

I had very light makeup on that day as number one I was rushing for time heading down to Artica and two I had dance practice after my hair appointment.

Hope you don't mind~ =P

Goodbye ugly black roots.
Like I always say, I won't miss you~


Got ready myself with manga this time instead of my usual NDS to entertain me while getting my hair done!

My very first hair dye

Managed to snap a photo of Don at work!
He is always hiding from my camera!!!

Waits for dye to set in while reading my manga!

Set set set~

My 小弟 Lue Song came and accompany me after his done with his stuff!

And yea! He bought my my favourite Kung Fu Milk Tea!!!

I don't know why I added this photo in.
Just thought that this photo looks nice in a certain way.
Can't really say where~

It was quite a battle with my hair that day to get the correct colour!

But of course! Captain Juno NEVER GIVES UP!
*I'm sorry but thanks to Masa and Diane, the first super hero I thought of was Captain America*

So are you ready for the final product?



Back view!

Photo taken by Michiyo!

Yes, my dear Michiyo came looked for me, too, after her project...?
She so cute lah.. She was walking around looking for a blonde cos she didn't know that I was not blonde anymore!

I love my new hair colour!
It look like black, but it's actually brown with a little ash green feel.
I can't really exactly describe it but this is what I can closest.

Here's a good news for everyone!

Artica is now having promotion for their privilege card!

You can now purchase Artica Hair Studio's privilege card at only $90 instead of spending a minimum amount of $250!

Here's special privileges for Artica's members!

  • 25% discount on all hair services (excluded from Shampoo & blow dry, Styling and fringe cut services)

  • This card is transferable

  • Members (entitled to 25% on hair services)
    Non-member of the card (entitled to 10% on hair services)
    This Card is not valid with promotion packages
    Not valid for hair products

    Get your card now and have great hair like me at Artica!

    (Last 2 photos were taken in Pin Hole mode)


    1. i really like this new hair color too lol any hair color suits you ^u^

    2. aaaaah its beautiful!!!
      your hair looks so healthy!

    3. Whaa! this color is soo nice ! ♥

    4. I like the color! Your hair looks shinier as well as healthier! I liked both colors though :P



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